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My Review Paper On #RMA (Revolution In Military Affairs) & A Question (on the spread of cancer through Latin American ‘unpopular’ leaders)?

Here is my review essay on the so-called ‘revolution in military affairs’:


QUESTION: Is someone, foreign intelligence services, causing the spread of cancer through South American ‘Western Unpopular’ (and independent-minded, meaning uncontrollable) leaders?

First we had Chavez of Venezuela, enemy to many, especially, the United States. Then today, we are hearing reports on Kirchner of Argentina and Thyroid Cancer, who has been growing more independent and friendly towards free-minded Latin American Leaders, and just this month she was on the forefront in encouraging the passing of the bill within the Mercusor bloc to block Falklands ships to port on at least four member states’ ports. She is not only a ‘cold friend’ to Americans, but seen ‘a threat’ to us, UK.

So, the question again, is there a pattern in these events?????????

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2 thoughts on “My Review Paper On #RMA (Revolution In Military Affairs) & A Question (on the spread of cancer through Latin American ‘unpopular’ leaders)?

  1. by the way, I forgot to mention a mention from the wikileaks files on ‘need-to-know enquiries, by a certain state secretary on pres. Kirchner.

    The enquiry demanded to know of her medications, medical histories etc……mmmm????

    Posted by s.s.salem: Independent specialist | December 28, 2011, 12:52 pm
  2. Here is what chavez was saying today, echoing my yesterday ‘questions’, is someone deliberately ‘cancer-ising’ south american ‘unpopular to the west’ leaders?


    Also you can listen on british state radio bbc radio 4 today’s programme, for chavez’s statement, linking and echoing my enquiries.

    Posted by s.s.salem: Independent specialist | December 29, 2011, 8:22 am

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