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The Only Way To Save #MiddleEast is to………BURN It ( #Iran #Syria )!!

There is only one way for the middle easterners, rulers and citizens, to save their region from the claws of outsiders…put the fear of creating uncontrollable chaos into the hearts of ‘speculators’, after all, what an asset if it is unstable?

In short, the remaining targeted/hunted states, Iran and Syria in particular, reaching out to Pakistanis in the Farther East, and the Yemenis, in the belly of the beast (the south, and Somalis in the farther South), Lebanese in the West, and Iraqis in the middle, together should start a deliberate policy of orchestrating ‘fire-storms’, or more termed, fire demonstrations….start burning the region down, literally.

There is a say, if faced with a crazy maniac, with uncontrollable anger, pitch yourself a little bit higher than him, in madness (however, if only, the opposite failed at first; most of the time works).

Good Luck to the Beautiful Region.

P.S.: I have been asked why I counsel such anti-western approaches, and I always answer with this, as long as there is a bully and the bullied, I am always on the side of the bullied (never selling my soul, ever).

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