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Security Analysis: Defining Iranian Counter-Western Strategy & Discussing Why Nukes Are Weapons of Peace.

Iran present counter-western strategy:

First, Iran present counter-western strategy is not worse nor excellent, but fell short of a really required impact.

Yes, the Bahrain UK Embassy Demonstration, as well as with Hezbollah-joint efforts to undermine US Covert Operations in Lebanon, through unmasking of the 22+ CIA Operatives in the country (or city), deserve recognition, hence, we have FT or Reuters, see previously linked-headlines, stating there is a rethink in the western, the ‘mad mullahs seen more able strategists’. The drone crisis was good in the eyes of few, but in truth, it was handled very badly, one does not announce such a victory (or possession), silence is gold in international games of security and politics. And it is this we will be looking at now, the new silent war model for Iran.

The Rethinking (Four-Part) Iranian Strategy

Iran if it wants to be free from western meddling and interferences, she should seek a simple four-part strategy

1-, support anti-monarch movements in the Arabia Peninsula. As only by creating chaos within this region, and states (especially, KSA and Bahrain), will Iranian have the western ‘balls’ in her hands, free to squeeze and make them dance to their tune. No need for absolute control, just the ability to create chaos is enough to preoccupy the west, and make them;

(a) fall back, from the region completely, from fear of inciting further deteriorating of events;

(b) get sucked in, and further deteriorate the events more, and at the same time, provide legitimacy to puppetry perceptions, and undermine western face in the region, and greater Islam, for good (especially, the once in Mecca and Medina, blimey, it’s what we call an own goal of destruction–if I was Iran, I would try to make this happen, dangle the carrot, especially in the Arabia).

2- Once this is going on, Iran will continue to export her support across Islamic states, from Somalia, to Afghanistan, everywhere with the presence of western activities. This operational strategy is intended;

(a) to ‘win allies’,
(b) ‘reconcile shia-sunni divisions’ (seen as championing defence of Greater Islam)
(c) and will in the end, position her at competitive strategic edge against the local regional competitors (e.g. Turkey), the western states, and the new far eastern powers.

3- keep the ‘state-sponsored armed groups’ vigilante and ready for mobilisation, at a very short notice, to strike locally. Conduct ISR operations, set up logistics, and management architecture in place, and roles and responsibilities, and continuous gaming, plus, civil-political affairs teams up, to mobilise the local population, to deal with war effects in the communities (e.g. Humanitarian, security etc). This is ‘at war strategy’, meaning, already preparing the mental and physical needs for war.

4- Close Strategic Alliances with key global players, China, Russia, Venezuela, and African Union, EU etc. This Iran is already undertaking it, with admirable efforts and successes.

These are the four-part of pre-war grand strategy– for Iranian preserving peace, and freedom of action.

Nuclear Weapons as A weapon of peace.

Nuclear weapons are weapons of peace, rather than destruction.

The western states (especially nuclear states) fear the proliferation of these weapons because with proliferation, there is a highly probability of reduced ability to manoeuvre in international affairs, for themselves as the biggest nomadic actors in international arena. This means, their foreign policies will no longer have flexibility and edge over others, who might be prepared to defend their own with these weapons (North Korea is a good example).

In Sum:

In short, to combine both issues discussed here, we can say openly, Iranian Nuclear Weapon is the best option for peace in the region, rather than the other way around, fed by our western media and leaders.


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