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A Letter to The #Occupy Movement (on a winning strategy)

Dear Occupistas,

First congratulations to being named as a part of the ‘person of the year: the protester’ in Time.

Secondly, what is the difference between a PR Strategy and a Grand Strategy? One is to create a buzz on the act, another is to gaining an objective from the act.

Thirdly, why did the Tea Party of the US shook the political establishment? and why did the students, anti-war protests across the world failed to achieve their objectives? One, because the Tea Party ‘created an alternative political choice‘, and two, because the global protesters had nothing that the political establishment wanted (money, promises of consulting positions, board membership etc).

Now having asked the above critical questions, we can now see where the occupy movements is at, and why they will never really amount to anything, even a shiver, let alone a tremor.

1. The movement is a protest group, and acting as so, without presenting a viable challenge to the political establishment; to get to the banks, to change corporate behaviour, you have to implement an indirect strategy, look at the ‘ballot box’, not the wall street, or LSE (meaning not physical occupations, but rather policy occupation).

2. The movement need to start advocating for independent candidates, or among yourselves (see my IRS page for examples on organisation and policy advise).

3. Once the occupistas start to present a challenge to the existing political order via a ballot box, you will hear debates in the parliaments, senate, congress etc, starting calling for more regulations, more reforms, but as long as you continue down ‘protest path’, you are just like the 1960s anti-war movements, too much protests, absent political organisation and alternative choices.

The advice is, start organising yourselves as viable and powerful political players; supporting, fundraising, advocating and lobbying for only independents candidates, not the major parties, or starting a ‘occupy party for global reforms’. You have one of the most key political segment, that even the major political parties have trouble securing these votes, the young people, the students, the unemployed, the professionals, the teaching, the unionists etc.

Start organising and see people shaking.

Good Luck.



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