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UK Security Services Cracking down on Moslem Communities pre-2012 Games

Recently, observed is on a growing trend on the visits of the ‘asbestos officers’, ‘chimney sweepers’, fire and safety officers’, ‘gardeners’, ‘builders’ and so forth within the Moslem communities in UK pre-2012 games. To the eyes of ordinary men and women, these are no different to the professionals they claim to represent, after all, these are themselves professionals in their crafts.


I decided to check-up the trend, by ‘activating’ my contacts within these communities, from Leicester, Birmingham, Bradford, London Arabian Quarters and Luton, and guess what, it is a cross-sectional support on the trend. Apparently, the armies of secret security services have taken ‘to the streets/communities’ down-and-dirty attempting to identify ‘potential visible’ terrorists-to-be for the games offensive. Within the communities some are already suspecting and angered by the growing undemocratic trend/behaviour; and guess what, when something does happen, they all ask ”why they did this?’, ‘how could they?’, ‘for what reasons, they hate us that much?’ and blah blah blah. Russia Today has an excellent article on alleged use by the western states of informants to ‘plan from the start’ and build up teams, then arresting them, ”entrapment”, just to claim ”there is a rise in the grassroot/homegrown terrorism”! (its all about those budget cuts and the austerity bites…hahahaha).

Anyway, if you have experienced this, stay calm, play by their rules, with ignorance and claims of ignorance, and it will pass, but another will follow, apparently this is the pattern; first, you might get a ‘builder’, then few days, after ‘s/he’ has ‘checked out’ the safety of your house, you will get ‘fire and safety’, for same rounds of check (to catch you if playing them), and then you will get the asbestos guy etc. Stay calm and do not lose your head, after all, your are a Moslem to them, British-born or US-born, still an outsider, meaning it is not your home, they have the rights to ‘their homelands’, let them strattle around and once tired they will perhaps in twenty or thirty years after the ‘terror brand’ is gone, and ‘china boogeyman’ comes, they just might leave you be.

Good Luck



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