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On ‘Arab Spring’: My Analysis Seems Vindicated (so far, though)


The above link takes you to my ”selected contemporary political essays” (again, let me bring to your attention, these have not yet been edited as such, so do not be surprised with some grammar or other problems to be encountered).

On the Final Essay (5: Global Forecasting), I discussed at how the region, Maghrib-Middle East, will (first) rise up against the existing regimes (the so-called ‘Arab Spring’, few months before it happened), only then to replace these with Islamists rule, as it does seem to be exactly what is happening at the present; Tunisia is first to fall (though, not to be taken as a real general enthusiasm for the ”free democracy”, from the western point of view, meaning, to the west whatever way Tunisia goes it is not of much seriousness since we do have still total control of the administrative elites there). It is Egypt that needs to be watched, in the end, she is the power-broker of the region, and if it does go that way, though (again, though) very unlikely (as for the west to allow such ”free democratic” elections for the Islamists), then we are in for a tense regional make-over (extreme-style, sorry, could not help it!!!).

Anyway, few Headlines for you:










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