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A Political Analysis: Based Around My Jingle For The Modern Voter (copyrighted, ha)

I made up this little jingle for my political club social event:


You get it???

Since there is no longer perceptible differences between modern democratic parties, especially in the western states, for example in the US, the democrats resemble and fight harder and harder for republican ground, and vice versa, or if not, they all vie to the so-called ”centre-right”, meaning, to those who care to even be bothered to vote, what I refer to as ”the political-voting shareholders”; in UK, we just finished what is well referred to as the ”Conference Season”, where all major parties follow each other with ‘beauty-queen parade” rather than substantial policy debates, and this was exactly what, to me at least, we got this time around as well;

1. First, came the Labour Party, and they all rather attempted to ”sell” to us the ”brand Ed”, they just don’t seem able to accept that it is a brand that no voter is interested in!

2. Followed the Liberal Democrats, this time we were sold the ”old brand Clegg”, the cries were, give it one more chance, you might find it appealing–again, Hell No, is the voters verdicts!

3. Finally, the Great Socialites of British Politics, Tories, and the brand was ”We are not Becoming-Majorite”, meaning, overwhelmed by the economic crises as it was during the late 90s under John Major Premiership.

In short, there was more selling of personalities and parties, than presentation of tangibles way to deal with the economic crises that is daily seemingly engulfing our little embattled island to the depth of despair and destruction.

Anyway, Mini-Mine-More, who should we, or I, vote for, Today!

Have A Great Week-End.


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