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On The New ‘Hispanics’ United States: The Internal Crisis (we left out of discussion, previously)

Today, the Washington Post has an excellent piece on an old issue that which might be, with greater probability, the most significant factor in contributing to the United States Internal Crisis and Decline, as a result of internal conflicts between ‘the to-be white-minorities’ and the new ‘to-be non-white majorities’ (with memories full of humiliations).

Find the article here at http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/census-count-finds-decreasing-white-population-in-15-states/2011/09/29/gIQA2aDJ8K_story.html A GOOD READ!

The point is, this is at least what one general wrote in his ‘futuristic’ military essay, can be located on the website of US Army Center for Strategic Studies, or Parameters Journal website, how the army (commanded by whites, no doubt) will revolt and take over the government, this is just one scenario, others can be located throughout many works floating out there, from fictional to more loony.

In short, the article is an excellent read, so are the attached links of the ‘headlines’, below. These covers many issues of the week, from UK the worst nation (to work and live) in Europe (tell me something new, and I would rather go far to say the western world), to Tony Blair corruption and others (and his wife benefiting to the privatization of national health services), to other more interesting political intelligence stories, for example the conservatives of the world annoyed at one of their own, Mr. Buffett and his candid rhetoric, to Middle East issues, The ‘Arab Spring’ etc, and even the pathetic Labour Party.

To Sum Up The Article:

It seems, it took the ‘irresistibility’ of ‘the American whites’ towards ‘sexy’ Hispanics and others, to change the balance of not just societal engineered structure but with probability that of her politics. Hahaha. Sometime, us, strategists beat ourselves up and all it takes it just a small factor to accumulate into a disastrous element; who would think sex can lead to problems (of course, unplanned pregnancy, STDs, deaths, violence etc. Oops does seems can do!)


































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16 thoughts on “On The New ‘Hispanics’ United States: The Internal Crisis (we left out of discussion, previously)

  1. You know, I read the article on the growth of the Hispanic population and saw nothing about sex in the article, so no idea where you’re getting that. The coup article also says nothing about race, so not sure why you’re speculating on the race of the senior officers currently serving.

    The article by Major General Dunlap was written nearly 20 years ago when he was LTC Dunlap. For those who would rather read it themselves than simply take your oblique analysis, it can be found here: http://www.carlisle.army.mil/usawc/Parameters/Articles/2010winter/Dunlap_Jr.pdf

    It gets discussed about every 5 or 10 years and some good analysis can be found out there:

    Tom Ricks for The Atlantic in 1993: http://www.theatlantic.com/past/politics/defense/coldunl.htm
    David Isenberg in Asia Times in 2003:
    Bernard Finel on the Huffington Post in 2008:

    As you note, fictional stories about coups in the US are not uncommon. They are rarely even remotely plausible. There is a very good discussion of the article from 2006 that included Dunlap published in Harper’s in 2006 ( http://harpers.org/archive/2006/04/0080995 ) Dunlap himself acknowledges that a coup is impossible given the culture of the US military.

    One great thing about democracies is that an open discussion of such is possible. I cannot imagine such in Libya, Iraq, or the USSR before those regimes changed. The folks in Syria aren’t having much luck trying to exercise free speech are they?

    Posted by David Navarre | October 3, 2011, 9:00 pm
    • Good Links from David.

      ”One Great thing about democracies is that an open discussion of such is possible”….mmm??????
      It has been more than 2 weeks of unrest and protests across US, the ”forums of free discussions” have decided to put a ‘plug’ on ‘great democracy’, no one discusses or even mention, and if they do, it is, as it was here in UK blaming ‘free people’ as the problem. Oh yes, Democracies! Ha Ha.

      Anyway, good points David.

      Oh by the way on democracy, I went down the train station, there were two identifiable (by experts’ eyes) security men in civilian clothing, reminded me of the old Soviets (and the other ‘non-democratic’ societies), where you have extensive ‘policing’ within the communities, of course, as they too, the claims are ‘for the national security’, mmm, Democracy!

      and sex, that was my point of view, I should know, how much randier Americans are, and bragging about how sexy the Latinos and the mix black-hispanics are.

      Anyway, you have strong nationalistic views, your right to do so, but try now and again to get out of the old US Survey, and perhaps then you will start to get the world, as it really is, not what we think it is, or told so.

      Thanks Again, as Always.

      Posted by s.s.salem: Independent specialist | October 4, 2011, 5:08 am
  2. The “2 weeks of unrest and protests” involve perhaps a few thousand people across a nation of over 300 million. It wouldn’t even register on the nightly news in France, where they know how to host a strike. They’re allowed to speak their minds, though they seem as unable as you to suggest any system to replace democracy and capitalism. The arrests were only made when they tried to block traffic.

    I still find your comments on sexyness and race incomprehensible.

    You should really try getting out of Leicester some day. Your anti-American and anti-Western views might be changed if you just see some of the world. A shame your hero Gaddafi is marginalized. Perhaps you could move to Syria to experience true freedom?

    Posted by David Navarre | October 4, 2011, 4:46 pm
    • I love it (I am trying to do a a New Yorker Homosexual with hands and so forth—no I am not a Sexist, or Homophobic, ha), the fire in you, anyway to the counter-responses…..

      First, my dear David…”a few thousands across a nation of over 300 million”, you might just say the same on the Middle East, my good man, but unlike the middle east, sadly or not, these few hundreds and thousands are not later-on armed, trained and organised for coup de etat (read the CIA reports and journals from Sherman Kent School, made public; all the secret services needs are few ‘groups’ of number to create a bigger ‘illusions’; there is a free secret paper going around the open sources on CIA Psychological Warfare at lower levels (MOOTW)).

      Secondly, France, ha, even poor France is no longer its older version of revolutionary elan, it has been reduced by the many new anti-unionist laws to a lesser of its normal power and effect (they are trying to implement these in UK today as well, the last coffin on the unionists).

      Thirdly, there can never be a real democracy, ever, but the United States in my book is the only country that comes close to a ‘picture of what democracy is made up of’, and a real portion of it, thus, this includes my Fourth response on myself being anti-western or anti-American, both highly erroneous. I love, respect and revere the American ‘model of democracy’, I love how the people and the institutions are the true guardians of these model and way of their lives. I love the people, I believe, also truly that it is the only country in the entire world to have come close to a real practise of Multiculturalism (see my very old post on Multiculturalism: https://spadoffice.wordpress.com/2011/04/11/multiculturalism-yea-2-v-nay-190/).

      In short, I have nothing but admiration and respect for the American Model of Governance/Democracy and her People, so please don’t accuse me of wrongdoing, it is highly un-American and you should know better. To prove a point, I am looking hard for an agent in the US, so I can finally move from my hell in UK (my Britain I have nothing but contempt for it, it is highly ancient, status quo and philistine, and so forth, the list is long). If you know someone around the North-East Coast (Maine, Philly, Pittsburgh, Boston, even New York), or Mid-West (Colorado), North-Western (Seattle, Iowa), or even in the South, in particular, Houston, Phoenix, San Antonio, or California (not LA, though), so if you do, give me a contact and I’ll be packing to the new brave world of US. In Europe, I rather live in Vienna, Oslo, or anywhere in German, especially the Cities of Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Berlin, etc, or Amsterdam (Netherlands), or Belgium, if France, Marseilles or Paris of course, but UK, lords NO! (Though Leicester, Fifth on my response list, is a fantastic little city, and don’t worry, I am actually ‘borrowing’ someone else IP (I like it, as it is close and consistency is crucial, but not to close, so that if anything goes down, from another side I can get a whiff of troubles, haha, you should know how easy it is to do so, being in government IT or something).

      Anyway, thanks for the comment as always, I look forward to our exchanges, you have become my second (virtual) Muse to Effi (in non-virtual capacity).

      Thank You, Really.

      Oops, I almost forgot to counter the Gaddaffi thing–No He is Not my Hero, I was rather rooting for him, since I have nothing but contempt for treachery (we all do), one can never call in foreigners to fight one’s struggles, you can not counter here, remember the Hessians in American Wars of Independence (the loathe people had for these mercenaries). Anyway, if they did the Tunisia/Egypt, or even with violence but own selves, as I have always said, I would have supported them to the last days. Secondly, Gaddaffi is not yet done, remember, there is still along way to go, as I pointed out in the ”Somalia-ification Essay”, all three options are still on the table; the Islamist Glorious moment (bad for the region, good for the west), the real civil war or guerrilla war (bad for the region, good for the west) and finally, the perhaps a new, replacing Gaddaffi still in power, with the new ‘rats in power”, the what if question, of what next, what happens when people demands a move away from western-concert (the Egyptian Crisis).

      And I should go to Syria, yeah, I understand that, it is natural to all ”democratic people’, meaning those possessing real strong illusions of free will, freedom and living in a real democracy, they always tend to end arguments, when feeling squeezed with ”Why don’t you go and live in Korea, or Iraq, Syria (your choice), if you love them that much”, haha.

      Anyway, good forms.

      Posted by s.s.salem: Independent specialist | October 4, 2011, 6:08 pm
  3. You’ve missed the point on many things.

    If we have perhaps 3000 protesters in a country of 300 million, you are erroneous when you insist that “you might just say the same on the Middle East”. Egypt has a population in the vicinity of 80 million – there were far more than 800 in Tahrir Square (3000/300 million = 1/100 thousand, so 80 million means only 800 protesters). Syria has about 22.5 million, but that would yield only 225 protesters at the same rate, while 3000 were arrested on the first day of protests. Tunisia would have produced a mere 104 willing to overturn the government of 10.4 million. Libya would have seen a mere 66 in rebellion against your brilliant strategists Gaddafi. I suspect he would have stayed in power against just 66 malcontents, likely just executing them and their families. So, you’re not understanding the minimal scope of a few anarchist teenagers and older loons. If there were tens of thousands in the streets of every city (most cities other than New York that tried anything struggled to get anything even close to 100 protesters) then there might be some merit in your wildly optimist thoughts of revolution being in sight.

    My point on France is that this little bit of protest wouldn’t even be mentioned there, as it is simply insignificant compared to their national strikes in size (and frequency).

    I’ve read too many of your posts to label you as anything other than anti-American and anti-western. You write with distaste of the way the west is governed and of the foreign policy such countries pursue. Even here, you write of “illusions of free will, freedom and living in a real democracy”, indicating you think we are all mere dupes. You have often stated your distaste yet you offer no alternative and now ask for assistance in moving to the US?

    In regards to the Hessians, there is no more disdain for them than there is for the Redcoats themselves. All were paid by the King to fight the colonists. There was far more hatred toward the Tories (colonists who supported the King). You can check the history of the American Revolution in the southern colonies for details.

    Your “About Me” mentions that you live in Leicester. I don’t bother sniffing IPs, so don’t worry about anyone knocking on your door at 3am.

    I read your posts because they honestly make me laugh.

    Posted by David Navarre | October 4, 2011, 7:24 pm
    • Yeah, I like to make people laugh, a part of my big nature.

      Don’t confuse anti-establishment with anti-americanism or westernism. I have problems like any other with the way of great ‘democracies’ conduct themselves, for (a) not good of the country (b) but of those few interests. One does not need ”official documents and statistics” to reach a firm conclusion, just piece together the pieces, and you will find that those at the top work not in the name of ‘great democracy’ or ‘national interests’ but like any other human being of personal interests, abusing the trust and powers bestowed upon them for personal gains.

      1. have you asked yourselves what is the meaning and reason behind the ”revolving-door”?
      2. Have you asked yourself what is it you have gained from the action of your representatives, really?
      3. Have you asked yourself how free you really might be (read on post-humans), with everything in your life?
      4. Have you asked yourself of the meaning of citizenship, life, work, and state?
      5. have you asked yourself………….

      so many things, so little time to comprehend and to inquire about. Once you have found the answers to these, it will take you at least three years of extensive studies or plus, you will be cynical, untrustworthy and ”anti-western and anti-american” as the rest of us.

      Tolstoy said ‘Humans are never Free”, the truth as it is, might added nothing is left to its own device.

      This first link on UK ”revolving door”:


      Second on Tony Blair:

      and many more good films out there.

      Enjoy, and I hope I have put a smile on your face again.

      Posted by s.s.salem: Independent specialist | October 5, 2011, 6:39 am
  4. Most of the cynics I’ve met were teenagers. It’s easier to be a cynic when you believe you already know more than anyone else and teenagers tend to fall into this trap easily. They gain a little knowledge or learn a new insight and think that no one else has ever learned it before. Cynics usually started as naive idealists and reality gave them a harsh lesson. Having already been through the naive idealism and cynicism cycle myself 20 years ago, I can understand where you’re coming from.

    What really surprises me about you is that while being mistrustful of others motives, you would think that some form of communism or socialism would work better than capitalism. Perhaps you haven’t read George Orwell’s Animal Farm? Some pigs are more equal than others, it seems.

    I chuckle again at your disdain for facts and figures. A shame that you throw out any evidence that contradicts your pre-conceived notions.

    I suspect that what I find humorous in your writings is not what you think it is.

    Posted by David Navarre | October 5, 2011, 3:46 pm
    • Oh, you flatter me, sir…teenager, am blushing, hahah.


      I am not anti-capitalism or pro-socialism, I am Postmodernist (to understand me, read my political essays, not yet edited, sadly, still grammatic and spelling problems, probably), to understand who or what a postmodernist is to understand my position in thinking. Yes, there are worse of capitalism, but so too, the benefits of its, and as well as much can be said of socialism and communism, fascism and so forth -isms.

      Facts, hahahaha. Let me finish my laugh, sorry, hahahaha. No one at the top of any serious organisation or serious affairs, meaning, leadership role, take facts seriously, or even take them at all (these are left to academics, and only to serve their own ‘theoretical’ interests and foundations). In short, my good man, facts, statistics and whatever you may want to call it, are TOOLS, and by nature TOOLs are used as a means for an end (they do not present the reality, but only an interpretive reality based on the interpreter and collector of such facts/products in the first place), facts, hahahahahahahahahah! Sorry, I just can not help it, with your adorable what should I call it without offending, ‘Folkishism’, ‘Naiveism’, ‘Simpletonism’, oops, you get the idea, anyway, not offence intended, it is hard to find appropriate wording of expression. Facts!!!!!!! Good One.

      Posted by s.s.salem: Independent specialist | October 5, 2011, 6:02 pm
      • Your lack of real-world experience truly shows.

        Posted by David Navarre | October 5, 2011, 6:37 pm
      • Now, there is that Cynicism, that is as natural part to any human being as survival needs. And my over 13 countries ‘little tours’ does seem short of a real-world experience, I have always thought that much, thanks for pointing out, such a lack of real-world experience, where we all accept the inevitable, cynicism, and play the role, and where we are governed by FACTS, as a tool of ‘administrating order’, after all without facts and data, and so forth, chaos will rein.

        Danke, Mein Freund.

        Posted by s.s.salem: Independent specialist | October 5, 2011, 7:04 pm
  5. “No one at the top of any serious organisation or serious affairs, meaning, leadership role, take facts seriously, or even take them at all”

    I honestly don’t think you’ve ever met anyone who is at the top of a serious organization or involved in serious affairs. Ignoring all data and going only with your gut feeling on an issue is a sure way to be shown a fool.

    You claim to have served in The Rifles. Would you have followed a junior officer who ignored the report of a scout that there were signs of a potential ambush ahead because that was a troublesome FACT?

    In our discussions of Gaddafi, you dismissed every single report that contradicted your preconceived notion that Gaddafi was actually winning, regardless of the source. You stated adamantly that you had no sources whatsoever.

    If you don’t wish to be bothered with troublesome facts or with reality, I think you’re looking at going into the wrong line of business.

    Posted by David Navarre | October 5, 2011, 9:48 pm
    • Morning David, (0600hrs in here)

      Anyway. On facts I expected the military example use, and of course, I wanted to state that, approximated figures and accounts based on raw intelligence not facts is what counts, as facts is that which comes after an interpretation. Any officer who accepts ‘facts’ from any individual be a forward recon team or so forth is a nut and a dangerous stupid.

      Again, anyhow, points to recognise in the business world, even business planning is based on an ‘interpreted figures’, and everything else are based never on facts, as Popper, the Philosopher notes, its all about ”Conjectures and Refutations”, the ability to create a foundation based on ‘intelligence’ or observation and weighing it up with all options, if facts were present and a big part of human life, then there would have been a total absence of uncertainties and crises of thoughts, for example the need for problem-solving etc.

      Gaddaffi, my sources were, one within UK services, another inside the regime, and the final one ‘a persian’, with closest ties to the regime. As the newly released government documents seems to show, it was ”accidental luck’ that saw ‘perceived victory’ (I am still saying it is not the end, watch the country take a different thousands ways) of the Anglo-French Designs in Libya.

      ”Facts and reality”, it will take hours on philosophical and socio-psychological discussion on the meaning of such words. In short, we create both: what is a fact or a reality to me, it might not be with you, as we have already seen time and again. Facts and Reality are the western-based obsessions, that have created a society of ‘risk-aversion’, degeneracy, un-entrepeneurial spirit of the good old age, of risk and gut-feeling, reduced to a society that ‘stimulates the external subjectivities’, public minds, into re-creating back the responses as, good facts; for example, a marketeer and his ‘subjects’, or a political aide and his boss’s constituency, and so forth.

      I told I can go on and on on this, let just cut it loose here, and say that you have bested me again; YOU, DAVID, ARE RIGHT, I, SS, AM WRONG.

      Posted by s.s.salem: Independent specialist | October 6, 2011, 6:02 am
  6. You’re trying to split hairs semantically on what is a report, what is a fact and what are sources.

    “approximated figures and accounts based on raw intelligence not facts is what counts”

    In our discussions of Libya, you rejected every account based on raw intelligence (news reports) and referred to them as “facts”. When the scout returns with what he sees as signs of an ambush, it is no different than the media reporting what they see as signs of what was happening in Libya. Yet, you rejected those because they did not fit your chosen interpretation of events. You had no evidence to support your thoughts and proudly announced you had no sources.

    If you’re interested in the whole philosphical discussion of perception and reality, you should read Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave”.

    I do not know if you are correct in assessing Europeans as being risk-averse and un-entrepreneurial. The US is, however, wildly entrepreneurial.

    Posted by David Navarre | October 6, 2011, 5:54 pm
  7. When you have limited sources, you go with what you have. You proudly proclaimed having none. That was even more laughable.

    Posted by David Navarre | October 6, 2011, 6:24 pm

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