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On British Politics: To Understand the Character of The Contemporary Labour Party, First Observe Mr. Blair

The Corruption, The Web of Criminal Network & Activities, The Natural-Fondness for Fraud, The Caesarian Pomp and Greed for Power, The Undifferentiated Elitism and ‘Better Than The Rest of Torism’, and so forth. These very hallmarks of Tony Blair are applicable and observable of the character of the more contemporary Labour Party; out of touch with real supporters, and the greater country, and full of elitism and nepotism, and cause-less, but not direction-less (towards the power is where they set their sights at).

Below I have pasted few links on the recent investigations around the ”business activities” of Mr. Blair, since coming off power, he has been the first former PM to have really make it big in shorter term; his ability to ‘extend’ the ‘Middle East Peace Talks’, it is in his and the Jewish friends interests to extend/post-pond it further and further, to bank up more and more invoices to the ”Quartet”; his ‘lobbying and advocacy’ for JPMorgan and others, with tyrants and through corrupt means and so forth.

Mr. Blair Characteristic, and as well as that of the self-prescribed ‘strategist’, Mr. Campbell, are reflective of what the Modern Labour Party is like; corrupt, elitist, power/money-greed, and no longer a political party but an interest group, as the rest.

1. Blair In The Media:




2. Other Headlines:









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