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A Critical Thought: How Does Modern War Victors Get The War Booty?

This is just a thought that I heard while reading the past, as I asked myself ”How do the modern victors, especially, the ‘humanitarian intervening democracies’, make those defeated to pay for the military campaign?’. The answer, so simple and so devious, as it is unobservable to the naked eyes, even critical eyes, I have as yet to have encountered any academic or any other works pointing out this little observation.

The answer, anyway, is, even with all the so-called ”precisions weapon systems”, the increase nature of the destruction of the infrastructure seems apparently unavoidable, and here lies the key to the answer.

The victors, the powerful military alliances, who believe from the outset on the campaign successes, that they will win it, will deliberately bomb and cause great strategic and operational local infrastructural destructions, with the strategic aim that at the end of these campaigns, they will ”make the defeated parties” pay (another point of support, all ”the humanitarian interventions” have occurred against the ”richest and wealthiest resourced states”, not Rwanda, Somalia, Burundi, these alas, wont be able to bill up the cost of modern military operations, hence, the absence of ‘interventions”), and big time, under the veils of ”Nation-Building and Civil Reconstructions, and Stability Programmes”.

This, mon amies, is the new terminology for war reparations, and the old general war booty.

As we observe the pattern in the growth of secretive and open conferences (inter-governments and corporations) are held with the victors big companies and firms competitively striving to get ‘contracts’ for the projects, and once the dust of wars, not even settled, as it might still be war-like environment, these ‘modern repatriation teams’ will already be in there ‘repatriating the war funds’. We saw it during the Gulf War II, with the big conferences in Europe and US, and same, with Libya, Kosovo, Balkans, Africa (Sierra Leone, the Gold Belt) this is the new ”merger and acquisitions’ model via armed ”humanitarian interventions.

I guess is the perfect support for the Leninism argument that Capitalism is based or supported by Wars, for resources, Labour, materials and so forth: nothing new, only the practise, it is advanced under moral guise.



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