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The Rise of Mercenaries & The End of ”Nations”: The Old Curse

Today at least I have what little time to spare and have penned-down two articles, WoW. Anyway, what I am going to discuss here, in the second article of the day, briefly is that, ever since the humans begun to depend on each other through close-knitted societies with the usual social stratifications, it was the role of those armed that always decided who will rule or not. And when these groups became dependent of external arms, meaning not ”national” standing armies but mercenaries, then the balance of power changed completely.

The Chinese warned in the use of these. Machiavelli, the great student of human nature and socio-political affairs, did as well to greater lengths in his admirable Art of War. The Romans wished they had paid careful heed to these warnings, so did the Greeks, the Persians, British, French and so the lost goes on.

In short, whoever controls and commands arms, controls and commands human affairs, one way or another, hence, during the age of statehood, these entities saw fit to bestowed upon themselves the sole legal role and responsibilities in ”the use of violence”; making wars.

Today, the Private Military or Security Companies, or whatever one might wish to refer to these as, are regaining their old generational prestige and role in global affairs. Slowly, these groups are reforming their own ”odd group cultures, identities and ethics”. Slowly these are starting to clash with their pay-masters, the contracting states, in issues as varied as legalities of actions, payment, fraud, excessive use of violence and so forth. Today, these slowly vertically and horizontally integrates themselves with the powerful new ‘key players in global affairs’, the private multi-national global corporations.

Today, the last of the above, private corporations and the private arms, seem to be more stately than the old states, and the probabilities of future complete dominance by these two is not unthinkable; the rich corporations, utilising the services of the armed groups, and chaired by the ‘leaders of the armed members’, what we all call today as either private security directors or board chairpersons etc, will start to dominate and command the actions of their old pay-masters for sure, and be the new ‘societies war leaders’ or ‘rulers’.

This is one area that contemporary states should watch out, and wisely heed to the old warnings of the old curse!!!


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