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On The Imperial United States (Part II): The Origins and The Resistance

”We must always remember that the United States of America is to some extent an ideological power which originated, just like the Soviet Union, from a Revolution, and therefore feels the need to guide the rest of the world in accordance with its principles as an essential part of her foreign policy”

Eric Hobsbawn

The above quote essentially summaries for us the origins of US Imperial tendencies, that of her revolutionary upbringing, later diffused closely with Roman(t)ism of a new power in the New World, the American Rome, and her republican democracy, and that the rest should practise and live through her values for the common good of global Roman citizens.

This said, plus yesterday’s mentioned of the old foreign policy naturally inclined to embracing the new imperialism, especially of the neo-cons of recent contemporary age, that of Manifest Destiny and American Exceptionalism, all these created in a natural old European World Imperial Child a natural New European Imperial Adult.

However, as mentioned yesterday, as well, just like the previous imperial and global powers faced constant resistance from ever present arm fighters, from China and Hsung-an Barbarians of the North, to Iran and Parthians, Egypt and Phoenicians and others, British and the Natives (including the present power, USA). Today, the main resistance group of the US Imperial Power are the Global Islamic Fighters, resisting just like the groups mentioned above, the interference in their life, deteriorating of identity (politics), homogenisation of cultures and so forth. These groups, will be the single significant factor in undermining in time, and creating a weaker US Imperial Reach. The strategy they are taking at the present of exhaustion and constant ‘activeness’ will sup more and more of the US Integrative National Capabilities to the point that when new powers come to challenge the order of the day, the former, US, will no longer be able to resist just like the past.

Other factor will come from the internal disintegration, power-plays and so forth, already visible.

Tomorrow, hopefully we will look at who are these new challengers, is it China, Russia, etc?


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One thought on “On The Imperial United States (Part II): The Origins and The Resistance

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    I am glad you found it useful, and thanks for the support, keep it up.

    Posted by s.s.salem: Independent specialist | October 5, 2011, 6:28 am

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