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Not The End of the US Global Power, It is the Beginning-Maturity Phase!

Recently while undertaking the previously mentioned research project on the Rise and Fall of Global Powers, I came across more of the same old cries of an end of the American Global Power, that began, seemingly, with the Cold War Race for Global share of Dominating-Power, between the US and USSR.

The hidden meaning to the statement above is, there was ever-present the hidden parties and their goals of ‘driving expansionist policy’ within the American Foreign Policy, and using the services of the ‘academic’ and the ‘popular commentators’ as mouthpiece for their lobbying and advocacy for aggressive and hyper-reactive, unilateral and pre-emptive posture and policies. And this finally came into play after the events of 9/11, and for me, it was this time, and through the acts implemented by the Neo-Conservatives in US, supporting the self-prophesied and the old ‘wild prophets’ so rather than the end of her powers, IT WAS THE BEGINNING OF A REAL AMERICAN GLOBAL POWER based on Advanced Modern Age Imperial practises.

In short, just like any past imperial/global sole power, US will continue to feel the pinch and dissents from ‘within the empire’: though she has dominated the South of her Borders, Latin America, for centuries now, there is still dissent from Venezuela, and from many others ”local independent rulers”. In Europe, the story is of the same script, with only France occasionally showing the old French passion for dissent and arrogant-pride (even when dominated). In Asia, the entire region, to Caucasus is under absolute, but not firm control and command of the US, and the only free power of equal to challenge her is China in the Far-East, and the old Bear of Russia in the North. In the Middle East, only Iran is truly Free of control and command by the US, the rest, even Syria and Turkey, are both under complete control and dictate of her will.

Palestine, is her fifty-something state (I cant keep the count, ha), hence, she will never give it up. Britain, is her fifty-something in Europe, Japan in Far-East, Argentina, Colombia, Panama, El Salvador, and the list is long, should say the entire continent is the fifty-something states, minus the ‘militias of Venezuela and FARC’.

In Sum:

This is the true nature of the global sole dominance and powers of the United States at their maturity, to use marketing terminology: Brand-US is firmly established!

We are seeing the rise and rise of the US power, and not the end, and this can be observed more closely from post-9/11 policies and actions from the neo-cons in Washington, that have somehow left an admired and embraced new American Foreign Policy Strategy, never before embraced, and seen as antithetical to her values and ideals, that of ”Real Imperialism”, justified by the oldies, of American Exceptionalism and Manifest Destiny.


As I had previously recommend on the ”American New Strategy” Post, see ”US Page”, and should repeat this, I would say to her, US, move away from over-militarisation and policies-from-pentagon, and more into re-organising and strengthening of the State Department as the most important senior office after the Presidency.

The State Department need to accept the new Imperial role and set the organisational machine towards successfully administrating the new role placed upon them.

Less on the Bashing-Arms, and More on the Arm-Twisting.

Oh, before I go, for all those with a big smile on their faces right about now, wipe it off, the ”rise and rise”, or the ‘maturity phase’ is actually the sign of the coming end for sure, but not now, not during our time, or our children or theirs, but maybe the fourth or more exact, the fifth generations later is when the America, and the west as we know it, will have been done with.



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