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In Dialogue With My Dearest Effi (Ephraim) On The Coming Age of Western Colonization (Part II)

After the recent post ”The Unthinkable: The Great Scramble For The West!!!” (Please See The Next Post Below), I met up with my ‘muse’, Ephraim Daniels, a Close and Dearest Jewish Friend of mine, and a Doctorate student of Philosophy. The topic of conversation was the above aforementioned post; the coming colonisation of the West.

He first asked what sort of books I would recommend to compare and contrast as I had advised.

I informed him these would have to be Anthropological-inclined history books, not geographical books, for example, not the ”History of the Middle East”, or ”North America” etc. But more, for example, the old and not to valuable but a good start book by Albert Hourani, The History of the Arab People, or Bill Freund The Making of Contemporary Africa, etc.

Why these class of books?

Because, as I stated, ones aim is to study the once colonised people, since, in order to compare how they came to be colonised in the first place, not the study of geo-politics or geo-strategic changes, these I argued are worthless and diversionary, at worst., it is important to see history from the defeated as well as from the victor.

The second area of enquiry from Effi was on the role of Capitalism, and the inevitable crisis of dominance from the rising new economic powers.

What did you mean by this theory of Capital Crisis?

Capitalism, is as we know it, the focus and the need to accumulate more and more especially within a small ‘elite’ sections of societies. Thus, at first, it alienates the masses, who with the coming of ‘new external powers’ in their political affairs, they will not rise to fight back, as they would feel it is inevitable, and it might perhaps be well worth it for new powers to redistribute the social, economic and political share of powers, justice and wealth; in their interest ”to be colonised”, the same logic we will see arises from the ‘elite classes’ of the society but from the much different fears and needs.

Secondly, the ‘elite’ classes are actually the people who will bring in the new rulers from the outside, as they faces growing crises of capital, and of political nature, in time, they will slowly look to the outside assistance in keeping hold of their local positions of wealth, status and power. In other words, they will work with the new rulers for their own personal benefits, as the ”new administrative” classes, or ”mediator”, i.e. still ‘elite of the local society” (the price to be paid).

OOPS, I have to go, my daughter she is visiting me this weekend, but this is just the framework of the dialogue between myself and my dearest friend on the recent topic of discussion, the coming age of the western colonisation.

Thanks, to Effi, and you all.

Have a great weekend.












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