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United Nation: The New Legitimate Target For All (seemingly)

Why the International Institutions Today appear as Legitimate Target for disaffected parties?

Recently, we have witnessed a sharp-growth in the deliberate targeting on the UN staff and offices/structures throughout the Muslim world by the Islamic local fighters. The reason I guess, we can all agree to, is without a doubt, begun with the appointment of ‘spineless stooge’ Ban Ki Moon, by the Bush Administration (a sort of ‘forced-feeding’ on the UN).

You see, the former UN Gen Sec Mr. Kofi Annan was a real pain in the ass for the western states and especially in undermining the free-will to act from the US in the world. To understand this mentality is essential to understand his background. He, Kofi, was a real ‘people’s leader’, who really wanted to alleviate ‘the weaker societies, people and nations” grievances in the world and in their relations with the powerful great states of the North. He wanted to create a peaceful and not ‘exploitative’ co-relationship; himself referring to it as a sort of ‘business-like relation between the South and the North”. He did this with admirable successes, then came the opportunity to put in his key place a spineless stooge, used to enhance the national interests and so to ‘protect’ his own states’ security and prosperity interests, Mr. Ban Ki Moon.

With Ban Ki moon, the UN has not even attempted to play the role of instigators behind doors, but rather it has been placed in front of assault as the vanguard of the new international ”clean-up” operations by the usual few and the powerful suspects, and it is this, which saw the disgraceful quietness in Greater Palestine Events, while frontline involvement and driving-seat in encouraging the Libyan adventures, and the latter is the key to understanding why it is in the eyes of not just Muslims but also others, like Anarchists, anti-establishments and so forth, that UN was a new legitimate target for security operations.

This is probably the early days, and more to follow, but the institution, with Ban Ki Moon in the leadership role, and being turned into a western ‘foreign policy tool’, has lost not just legitimacy, higher subjective status but also its peaceful image, cosmopolitanism and all have contributed towards hatred against itself; hence, Nigeria, Iraq, Turkey attempts, Pakistan, etc.

In short we have two International Institutions that have lost all credibilities in the world, not just the poorer states of the south, but also within sectors of our own western societies, the UN under spineless stooge, Moon, and NATO under the European version of Neo-Cons, Mr, Rasmussen, and we are wondering why all the discontent and troubles in the world and amidst our states, and the shifting balance of powers to the East. I forgot to mention, the corruptible and bought-able, Ms. Lagarde at IMF.

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