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On Libya: My Critical Military Advice (Winning Strategy) For Colonel Gadhafi and The Libyan Armed Forces




Above we have two links to my previous analysis and recommendations for Colonel Gadhafi, in dealing with the ‘rats’, as he would correctly called the ‘rebels’.

The first post (wordpress, dated 27.07.11) I analysed the situation on Libya, but failed to put the threads together to what we were observing and that which is centre to our present advice for the Colonel; the critical role of close-quarters urban operations.

The second article (on Linkedin) a discussion on how the movement towards Tripoli appears to resemble a sort of ‘furnacing tactics’, forcing the ‘rats’ manoeuvre to a single entrenched and cut-off area, the cauldron of Tripoli. (see rt article below, and listen to BBC Radio 4, another of propaganda stations, facing the realities, today).

In short, I have no time for extensive analysis and discussions at the present, all I would like to say, from the close observation of the Libyan Crisis, especially the armed violence between the ‘rats’ and the Libyan National Armed Forces is that, we have these key observable factors;

[a.] Nato air-support is critical to the ‘rats’
[b.] the ‘rats’ can move on the highways and open plains freely and unchallenged, as a result of such key aerial advantage.
[c.] however, and this is critical, in the built-up areas, with civilians around, the ‘rats’ have to get down to the real fighting, without any successes, as they lack martial capabilities
[d.] hence, all the cities and towns are still in contention between the two parties; meaning, not fully decided, or ‘occupied/liberated’ by the ‘rats’

So, what does above analysis tells us?

Colonel Gadhafi is not a military fool, and he has, continuously and, successfully adapted to the needs of bypassing and dealing with the strengths/advantages of the ‘rats’, that the external air-support from Nato, and able to understand and appreciate the latter’s, Nato, not revulsion (as we have seen, if there is a high-value target, Nato will still attack and then apologise as ‘collateral damages’ or ‘accidents’, any populated areas), but as the result of Nato claims of civilians protection it can not be seen to be accounted for constant strikes within the built-up areas, that creating civilian causalities and harm.

In short,

1. Gadhafi should never fight outside the cities and towns.
2. He should entice and bring the ‘rats’ to the closed-sewers, like he is, seemingly, doing now with Tripoli.
3. Thus, the military operational strategy should be aimed towards fighting in closed-quarters battles of built-up areas, where the civilians reside, and where the air-support strength will be reduced greatly, as it has been throughout.

The ‘Rats’ of Libya can still be eradicated, as long as the Libyan National Armed Forces keep to within the boundaries of the cities and hug-closely the populated civilians centres. This is the winning strategy for the Libyan National Armies and Colonel Gadhafi.

The Lessons For Others: The Gadhafi-Libyan Model Against Superior Armed Adversary

The Libyan crisis, and especially the Gadhafi handling and tactics in dealing with the air-support superiority of his opposing side, is a valuable lessons for many others in the future conflicts.

The lesson is, as the result of the western forces claims of ”humanitarian interventions’, (we are here to protect not conquer through killing), the modern western enemies should rethink their national military strategies and policies towards ”fighting close to civilians”, putting the civilians factors at the centre.

This means, just like the counterinsurgencies forces seek to ‘remove’ the population from the guerrillas/insurgents, the modern western enemies will seek to ‘hold tightly’ to the populations, in order to rob the western forces of their superior force multipliers capabilities, especially the firepower (and ability to reach and hit anywhere; as long as you are close to civilians, they will have to think twice, either break the claims of protection and loss of legitimacy, as a result, on one hand, or go all out and resort to old non-veiled doctrines of the use of force for occupation).

Media Analysis ( A Brief Review)

What do we think, still, of our ‘free and independent’ western media, today?

They cheered. They helped to spread the rumours, and when they were found untrue, as today, with the appearance of Gadhafi’s son, Saif, they ‘plead’, what I call, ‘the 45-mins Blame’; it was not our fault but the authorities/governments (the sources) that misled us. Really? You are suppose to be ‘independent and free’, to publish only that which has been verified, mmm???

Anyway, let me finish off with these links for you, a mix of interesting headlines;













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