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Operation XXXX (aka Saving The Union): The MI5 Fierce Battle Against The Scottish Nationalists!

Recently, I learned that, there has been an ongoing secret operations behind shadows to undermine the Scottish Nationalists calls for Full Scottish Independence……

Lets take this from the top.

During the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, England was facing a similar dilemma from the Scottish Nationalists led by the infamous Mary, Queen of Scots, the rightful owner of the Royal Crown at the time, and supported by the French. Queen Elizabeth with the assistance of, as today, her central government, the office of Prime Minister (The Downing Street and the talks with SNP), the office of the privy council under Lord Cecil (today, Cabinet Office, in similarities of the role, as the privy council still exists. Advisory, especially, the office of Scotland) and that of the treasury (as today, with recent policies concessions) in funding the efforts to crush the revolt and ‘to save the union’.

All the three, of the above, major players share similarities on per with the role assigned to them at the time, and as of today, in handling the Scottish Crisis. However, as these three were publicly acknowledged and conducted their operations and dealings, as is today, within the public eyes and media, beneath there was, as today, a shadowy force operating under THE master of (those in the know-how, will understand the emphasis of T-H-E, as the guy was a major influential figure in the field of) espionage, Sir Francis Walsingham, today’s equivalent, in role-playing, is the valueless MI5.

So, we have taken the crisis from the top, and examined the striking similarities, and now, to finish off, I have been informed by a very reliable friend that there is a new Walsingham in Scotland, with a small, but very well equipped, capital-wise, logistics, and other areas, in dealing with the ”troublemakers”, namely, the Scottish Nationalists Party (SNP). This team has been going around bullying, blackmailing and bribing individuals in either supporting anti-nationalism sentiments or in creating events that might discouraged the independence, my source goes as far as, ‘presuming’ that the ”Football Sectarian” of the recent months might have been the dark handy-work of this team, to ”feed the local Celtic fears of sectarian violence once independent” (direct quote).

In short, MI5 are hard at work in Scotland against the SNP and the local Nationalists supporters calling for a Full Independence for Scotland.


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