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A Critical Analysis: Why Libya Is A Special Case Study (i.e. still standing/defying the odds)?

Today, after posting the article on the ‘Psyche of an Arab’ ( see below, and for further anthropological analysis on the region and the people, please see the anthology, three studies on these under the ‘Anthology” Page), few of my closest friends seemed to have had more than the usual share of further inquiries on the subject, and the question, that seemed to have popped-up more than the rest was, ‘Why do I truly believe Libya is a special case study?‘. Well, what is to follow is the the original base of the response I had for them, and might be of use to you too, the readers here.

Why is Libya such a special case study?

This inquiry can be reduced to a few very simple but inter-related facts:

1. The seemingly ‘Cold War’ that has been in existence, ad infinitum, between Gaddaffian Regime and the West since the former rise to power.

This factor has left a natural distaste for the outsiders (us, the west), and a loyal-support base for the local tyrant (Gaddaffi) with his own people, and critically, within the greater regional and Continental spheres (as we have always stated to be one of Gaddaffi’s special support & strength).

2. Closely linked to the above factor, is the natural bond of close-relations between the Gaddaffian Regime and The local (regional and continental) base/people.

If we examine critically the history of Gaddaffi and Libya, and that of the greater region and continent, we will find that, like criminals or an intelligence officer/handler/diplomats etc, Gaddaffi has been very very busy in consolidating relations, links and bonds (strong networks) within these three critical spheres for his legitimacy and authority on power. Hence, we seemed unable to ‘divide-and-rule” in Libya.

3. Echoing above two, is the subjective insemination by the Gaddaffian Regime onto the Local, Regional and Continental Audience, the critical dual concept of Victimisation and Colonialisation of Africans (Libyans) by us, the west.

Above factors are very critical points in understanding the special case that Libya represent to us, the west. If we were to study others, we will see, those who have fallen tend to be;

(a) distanced from the spheres of interests and legitimacy (that public relations, regional stand and continental support).
(b) have never created subjective advantages as Gaddaffi (the psychological operations to perfection).
(c) they were on the friendly-basis with us, the west, unlike Gaddaffi. This final point, has one further effect of creating fears within the uprisings, as in Saudi, and the Rich-Gulf States, where the perception here is that, the ”Puppet-Masters”, the West, will never ever allow their ‘little puppets’ to be removed or undermined in any ways by the social change activists.

To appreciate these facts, is to appreciate the content of the so-called ”Arabian Uprisings”; the histories, the relations, the perceptions, the bonds and so forth, not how many soldiers he has, assets, could he survive to December (I believe yes), and so forth.


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