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On Libya: From ‘Rebels’ With Love (a slap-in-the-face for the Brits) & NATO’s New Mission-Creep Phase (Target: civil infrastructures)

1. Libyan Drama: The Dangerous Rebels (true colours showing)

1.1. The Recent Events inside ‘Rebels’ Zones:

Well, one needs not to get into much depth on the recent news that which has been coming out of Libya; reflecting anxieties and fears of the unstable and divided so-called ‘rebels’ (see: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/africaandindianocean/libya/8670999/Libya-murder-of-rebel-commander-threatens-split.html), or the what is to come? getting the taste from the ‘unknown and uncontrollable rebels’ of dangers for us, in the west (see: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/africa/rebel-feud-puts-uks-libya-policy-in-jeopardy-2328626.html) seen recently via a number of targeted-murders by ‘rebels’ on ‘rebels’, that was more recently made more topical and a focus of discussion, with the assassination of the most senior commander (as I said before, and repeated it throughout, the defectors, are not to be trusted, and most tend to be ‘plants’ playing double-games; even Mr. Moussa Kussa, I have suspicions of as one among the many in the fifth columns).

1.2. The Hague Stupidity, Is a British Liability:

Anyway, this is what has been happening, a sort of a slap in our faces, the British, after the unwise and stupid rush decision of diplomatic high gambling, with the recognition of a ‘group of valueless rebels’. I, again, warned of this, as well as, of the consequences to befell upon us, but with Mr. chicken-head, Mr. Hague, in the directorial-chair on Libyan Policy, a man who still thinks Britain has an Empire and who believes wholeheartedly that he is still the natural, and real, leadership-power of the Conservative Party, not the young Cameron,, what much could one really expect but dovish-stupidity of the highest degree, unforeseen from our diplomatic and international relations since Eden involved us in the Suez Crisis, and Blair in Iraq (hence, in the Foreign Office there is the mantra, ”Do Not Do The Tonys”, in reference to stupidity of Anthony Eden on Suez, and Tony B-liar on Iraq).

Anyway, I hope we will now go back to the drawing board and rethink the strategy (if one needs to know what I reckon should be our new strategy, see the post below on ”The British Policy in Libya is a Mess”).


Today hidden in the pages of the newspapers and 3-seconds broadcasts, is the little-news of the new mission creep, but not presented as such, even if one can refer to the presentation as a presentation.

The phase has shifted to deliberate targeting of civil infrastructure as Bosnia, with no international outcries (as we have already stated before, to understand NATO operational conduct in Libya, one needs to study her involvement in the former Yugoslavia Crises of the late twentieth century, 1990-2000).

The phase has opened with deliberate assault on the civil communication systems, for example, as today’s assault on the public news stations, and soon, she will conduct operations on the civil bridges, major highways, oil facilities, and so forth, and what will be the main base of the excuse for such atrocities and state terrorism, same as today’s, of course, ”we are targeting legitimate terror-channels of the states”, mmmm??????? (if one bombs a BBC, I am not inciting so, do not want to give any one a reason they have been waiting to bundle me up, ha, just hypothetical discourse, if one bombs the BBC, is it a crime or not??? after all, the station is a ‘state terror and propaganda channel to the public’ mmm? dilemmas).



Well, have a good one, might be a good weekend weather.



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