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Foxes: A Study of Nature’s Military Strategists (le petite guerres)

Good Day To You All.

I have always been an enthusiast student of nature; be it that of humans or animals, and more recently, that since last year, whenever I had free time, or just lucky to be in the same presence as the object of my most recent fascination, the foxes, I have always endeavour to undertake a critical observation on their mannerisms and behaviours, patterns and tricks, and so forth, and yesterday, in the middle of the night, awoken by a slight little sound, and after completing my usual (as any other in the profession would be a victim of, the security paranoia) checks-and-ticks, of what is normal to abnormal, and why is etceteras, I caught a lucky glimpse of a fox close around me, and for hours (between 0130hrs-0300hrs of early morning) I studied it, and this is my research findings.

1. The Opening Scene: The Night To Tale (clever!)

First, let me tell you this, where I live, the county of the state, is a well-known region for foxes, namely, that is Leicestershire (these are sort of our little mascots, and for the rich-pricks, their killing-time during some of their peculiar holidays, for example, down at Melton Mowbray on the Boxing Day). Anyway, I have, before, seen many foxes, but, I have never really got the time-length to really, really, observe these, and their ‘tricks’, as I was able to do last night. And it was much rewarding, than the missed sleep-hours, ha.

2. The Scene: One The First Observation (The Urban Fox)

At one time, I saw one down at the centre of the city, masked with heavy fog, and snow and the darkness of early evening, strolling close to the buildings (military terminology, hugging the walls, with a metre between him and the wall).

The way s/he conducted oneself was brilliant. Thus, even though there were few people around going home during the rush hours time, s/he was able to move in between without catching anyone’s attention, I, myself, was only able to observe him/her, as a result of some accidental focus, at one spot, and the fox appeared into into the arc of my sight of focus.

The military conduct and similarities was amazing; the sneakiness, the hugging, the quietness, the high tempo speed of movement and so forth, the same patterns that I was truly able to observe, in clarity and glorious presence, last night.

Lets move to the last night sighting.

2. The Scene Two: The Second Observation (The Night Fox)

There I was, after being awoken from my deep sleep by some little sound, and after having carried out all my ‘security’ checks-and-patrols (due diligence, ha), that, I decided to romanticise out into the night. I opened my window, looked into the night, and the dark park, smelled the night odour, pleasant, but never an equal of the breaking-dawn smells, quietness and sounds of nature (I never get tired of the experience, try it, better than orgasm—you cant fake it!!!! Haha).

Anyway, as I was still on my security-posture, looking up and down the street, for any signs of any abnormalities; for example, new cars, new things, movements, and other peculiarities, such as ‘sweating’ vans (someone inside, peeing or the warmth and the condensation and so forth), anyway, there at exactly quarter to two, I saw this shadow, and as I glanced at it, I saw this magnificent animal, the little red fox, sniffing, and conducting a sort of reconnaissance or intelligence collection of the area, and for supplies away from his/her main base.

Now for the Military Behaviour that this animal exhibits:

1. The ability to appear from one corner and suddenly coming from incomprehensible different one, way out of the original path, amazed me.

This not only indicates a sense of;

a. topographical intelligence of the area (s/he knows the area well)
b. but also, the dangers of moving through same path as s/he choose as entrance
c. the tricking of ‘whoever is watching’, deception or feint manoeuvres

2, The ability throughout to deceiving me, into thinking their might be two or even three foxes in the areas.

I only got to grips that it was the same one, when I managed to locate a peculiar identification mark on the fox, and started tracking whichever way it appeared, if it was my fox, or not, and it was! Fucking Brilliant Animal!

3. When I challenged it, it retreated at first, and with composure, as any natural person will do, in a fight or flight, then in two-seconds, that after a three-arms length leap, stopped and turned to have a good look at me, sort of assessing, am I really threat or not. Know this, I was some floors up, and was challenging him/her from such a position, and once s/he acknowledged I was not a real threat, kept moving on with his/her business. Brilliant.

4. The swiftness, is amazing.

The animal, does not just sniff and stop, like dogs or others, it moves as it conducts its ‘collection operations’, and as fast as it can, and as the weather, time, coverage, seems to allow him/her.

Seriously, there is a lot more to discuss, but I will stop short, as the only thing I can say or advise, find time, and observe any part of nature, at its real environment, and first-hand not through programmes etc, and if you get a chance to observe the foxes, you will be in a presence of master strategists.

3. The Closing Scene: To Sum Up

Last night, was for me, a sleepless night worth any. Untrained Guerrillas or any other individuals, can learn a lot, by just being an astute observer and student of this magnificent animal. Now I truly understand why those in power, in military, business, countries management, and so forth, have always been obsessed with self-references of ‘be like a fox, and act like a lion’ (well, I guess my next move is the latter, but alas, I had a lot of time to understand that truth, as I have, since I was a child blessed to be raised in the country abundant with these next magnificent animals, the beast of beasts, and I watched and studied them from that young age to early teens, but for me; the former, the foxes, are the true strategic masters, the latter, just a brute force; the Achilles to Ajax).

I hope I have fascinated you, and your day, with my little tale.



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