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British Libyan Strategy Is a Mess & Hague Is a Liability (new strategy: a special inter-departmental Libyan Group under a senior Arabist Mandarin)

Yes, the policy seems to resolute well with what we have been recommending, more recently, in terms of the need towards a new western strategic posture and policy-direction and management on the Libyan Crisis (see the post below, On Libya: A New Western Strategy). However, the present announcement, misses the ‘essential ingredients’, the silence, the no-traces, the under-shadows crisis-management, not the aggressiveness and foolish openness as presented, hence, a need for a re-think, and a need to remove the face of Mr. Hague from the Libyan affairs representation and management. As well, the announcement could be seen as an open show of desperation from a desperate alliance (and especially UK), on a more and more growing desperate mission (the Libyan undertaking). Please read on to have a full appreciation in the argument.


This is the breaking news (see the link above): Britain ”officially recognises” the ”Rebels” as the ‘legitimate government” of Libya, and expels the official Libyan representatives–stupidity to the highest levels of treason.

What’s wrong at the top?

This, is one in the many recent ill-founded measures, that which seems to indicates a pattern of a great strategic void at the top of British Establishment and Politics (see The Leaderless West);

* Economy: is going from bad to worse (we are in recession, pretend otherwise or not).
* Defence: we have gone from moderately-efficient to below-average-efficiency.
* Political Leadership: from ignomanius to semi-dictatorial (not an elected government).
* Foreign Policy: from sound-reasoning to dovish-stupidity.

and so forth.

Mr. Hague, is one of the greatest single liability at the present in our efforts in dealing with the crisis in Libya. And if there is any shred of a sound-mind at the top, fierce attempts should be sought to replace his ‘ever-present’ negative-associated-presence on the matter, and representation of the British position vis-a-vis Libya, handed into the hands of a more ‘Noble and expert Czar” from the old Arabist School within the Foreign Office.

An individual who will be tasked with the responsibility of conducting and chairing a newly established inter (not intra) departmental Special Libyan Group, made up of fco, mod, security services, cabinet office, senior members of the unelected government, minus, the so-called Libyan Group, to eradicate the bias, and ‘forced-hand’ in favouring unwisely particular policies in benefit to particular groups (‘the rebels’). This groups should implement and direct a new British Strategy In Libya.

In Sum (The Recommendation):

A new British Strategic Approach is required, nay, essential, in Libya; one that is sound, unbiased, comprehensive, independent, unsympathetic and synchronisable with allies own views.

In other words, an inter (not intra fco) departmental special Libyan group, with a more senior and experienced mandarin on the regional affairs, and threaded together with allies own standpoints, to represent, a greater sound policy against Gaddaffi. Alas, as it is now, even with the recent announcement, Mr. Gaddaffi is still in control, and he is still gaining more and more of that ‘moral initiative and superiority’ we have been dealing with.

Where has the age of sound minds and diplomatic finesse gone to? (to leave us with chicken-heads)!!!!!!

Before I close:

Remember the Afghan-Warning, Talibans are replaying the old tactics, as key establishment members are targeted one-by-one, assassinated today was the Mayor of Kandahar, and more to come (see my posts on the Afghanistan Page).

Have a pleasant day.


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