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On Libya Military (Psychological) Operations II: The Nero Strategy (A Brutal Terrorisation of Benghazi)

Yesterday, please see the article below (or at https://geopoliticalintelligence.wordpress.com/2011/07/21/on-libya-a-commanders-strategic-operational-essentials-benghazi-as-the-centre-of-gravity-with-a-map/), We had a discussion on the Psycho-Symbolism Character of the Libyan Conflict, and on how Benghazi is the symbol of strategic victory for Gaddaffi. But before I moved on, I would like to reiterate, what I also discussed yesterday on the same post, my own personal reason to, seemingly, supporting the Gaddaffi Regime on this present conflict;

”My Personal Standpoint Explained (to put it to rest, finally):

I have no love or pity for any forms of treachery and disloyalties, i.e. I see the so-called ‘rebels” as treacherous to their own people, seeking to spill blood for own interests, rather than ‘pretend’ like the rest of the ”Arab Revolutionaries” who sought to bring the ‘illusionary’ change through peaceful means, without blood of their own people. I have serious problem with above aforementioned issues, hence, I am a supporter of Gaddaffi, as well as I despise Colonialism of any form. I supported the ‘illusion’ through all, Tunisia, Egypt, etc., and even the initial stages of peaceful protests, as the rests, but not in arms, that is treachery, and of the highest form, when involving foreign aggression against one’s own people. I hope I have justified my reasons for supporting Gaddaffi (a ruthless, but never a traitor) rather than the ‘rebels’.”

Anyway, that dealt with, now, lets move on to our present discussion; the Nero Strategy.

What is the Nero Strategy?

In short, the Nero Strategy, named after the Emperor Nero of Rome, who, as a result of various reasons of personal paranoia and political insecurities, placed upon the entire city of Rome a dark blanket of terror, that which succeeded in bringing the city to his complete brutal command and rule, but with problems later down the line. Please, have a look on the internet for more on this, as we seek not to waste time on the subject.

The point here:

1. The Psychological Terror Operations:

Gaddaffi needs to initiate a brutal practise of terror upon the city of Benghazi, utilising all available tools on a psychological and propaganda operations, from the media and information management, to spreading of rumours, snippets, leaflets, news, arts, loud speakers, sleeper cells propagandists and special operators behind lines, to sabotage, to assassinations of key ”national council” members and even non-combatant civilians, indiscriminately (they all need punished, realities, stomach it or not), to key assets (banks, schools, bridges, communications, transport, food etc), to (a choice of suicide and) planted bombings around various well-packed crowd and commercial areas (minus religious places, give them, Benghazi people, a sanctuary), and so forth. The options and means are many in between.

2. The Objective of The Terrorisation of Benghazi:

To Break The Spirit of Dissent. This is the single main objective of the terror approach.

3. The Effect-Based Aims:

a. The inability to feel secured (cant sleep, play, work etc)
b. The ever-present thought of Gaddaffi is Coming (and he is bloodthirsty!)
c. The What to Come Next.
d. The Divisions that will be created.
e. The Drift apart of various parties, the weak, the feeble-willed, and others.
f. The Collapse trust and belief in the ”rebels”, and their cause.
g. The spread of the fear to other ‘less infected areas’ of dissent

and so forth.

With this, Nero Strategy, under way, Gaddaffi can then bring the military operations on the city, as discussed yesterday.

In sum:

The City of Benghazi, whatever happens, even after the strategic victory, still needs to be destroyed completely, to be non-existence, i.e. vanquished from the face of the Libyan Map and History (hence, a la Carthage Approach). Or it will forever symbolise the age of defiance against the regime.

Thank You.

P.S.: I wish I can apologise for such brutal viewpoint on the approach to dealing with the conflict, but I can not, as the approach is one that is best suited to the conditions of the society and the culture of Libya: Only Fear Works.



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