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Top Headlines Reviews & Analysis: Tues, 19.07.11. (Afghan, Libya, UK, US, China, Weather etc)

Today, the media is full-packed as a result of many inter-related activities on the local, national and global spherical-bubble. We have headlines on the corruption in the UK and the catch-22 for the establishment; the need to bring down their master, Murdoch (a notch), and fear of further deep-impact, the action might have on the other members of the greater ruling establishment. For example;

* the media are facing the lashes at the present (first lie, of course, no action of the kind is taking place as represented in the media),
* the police seem caught on the twilight zone of crisis after crisis (second lie) and
* the politicians, are distancing themselves from the poisonous air all around (just about), and
* the rich and powerful seem cornered with nowhere to hide (haha, the biggest lie).

The point, what is going on at the present is just another of the ”summer dramas”, when the ‘real’ news is hard to come, and scarce, hence, the focus on any drama with no point of significance, relevance, changes, but same old story-lines will be the theme, come the day after the ‘designed’ storms, the establishment will still stand firm and powerful, and on the same platform and practises.

To understand, the depth of these stories, one needs to understand, and take time to piece together a collage of various activities, unrelated seemingly to the present scandals, but have found the bandwagon to hitch their ”good, ugly and bad” for good riddance, sort of the act by one of Blair’s special media adviser, Jo X-something, who, just after the events of 9/11 cried out, this is our chance to bring out all our bad-apples in the open, as no one will care, in the face of global security breach and crisis of such magnitude.

In short, there is always a real objective, and meaning behind the stories, the crises, the issues of the day as presented in the media, all one needs to do, is open ones eyes and ears for connections and links.

Anyway, here are the few selected headlines of the day for your interests:

1. On Libya:


United States and Gaddaffi open a new diplomatic channels of mediation. The Russian and Chinese pressure has build up, as well as, the African Union unbent support for the incumbent regime of Gaddaffi, and the latter own unbent will-power (critical of statesmanship and General-ship, in war and peace).


The Russian position of power, as I have constantly said, Mr. Lavrov, is our S&P/Moody’s speculator on the shift of events on the Libyan Crisis. Just watch this guy to know, and to have a picture of where things are, or going to be next.


The New York Times, on the Islamists interests on the events in Libya. Should be a big concern for the West, but alas, our young leaderless (see the post on The Leaderless West”, why our young new leaders lack the statesmanship finesse and strategic mind);

(a) have no time for the ‘trivialities’,
(b) can not truly cope with the demands of highest offices, as Clausewitz notes, one can be brilliant at lower ranks, but as one moves up the ranks, the new role and responsibilities tend to break those unfit for the new offices, as our new western leaders are, and
(c) they are actually lacking the strategic mind to understand the errors of their immediate actions for immediate gratifications that might in future compromise our positions (The Western Credit & Debt Society: Live Now, Pay Later. This is the essence of understanding the mentality and character of the greater western societies of the contemporary age).

2. The Murdoch Drama and The Deceptive-Effects:

2.1. The Cameron Troubles:






The links above focuses on Mr. Cameron as the next 'victim' of the scandal, after the recent many Met Police resignations, there seems to be a growing rage and angry targeting of Mr. Cameron, the unelected leader of Britain, 'to go'. See, the post on ”the psychological analysis of Cameroon and Clegg”, and how I review the minds and personalities of the two; the former, very fragile and unable to cope with demands of high office and stresses, hence, many holidays, and the latter, the ruthless leader, who would sell his own mother for power.

2.2. The ”Unexplained Death” of The Whistleblower:



These two links take a look at the recent death of the individual responsible at bringing out the News of The World Scandal to the public. He was found dead on his flat yesterday, and has been, prior to his death reported to be fearful, paranoid and isolated, worrying that someone is ”coming after him”! mmm????? (The David Kelly Case all-over: The Stasi-fication of Britain, see recent post on ”The Foucault-Panopticism Society: Britain as The Most Advanced Police State In The World’‘).

3. The Others:

On Afghanistan: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/jul/18/afghanistan-government-assassination-hamid-karzai

The replay of the last days of the Soviet Invasion of the Country. The systematic Killings of the ”puppet governments” by the Talibans, and the start of their grand civil psychological operations, of fear and intimidations.

On Sino-US: http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/07/19/us-china-asean-forum-idUSTRE76I0EN20110719


See The Post on ”The Global Warming: The Case of Antiquated Gregorian Calendar”, and why I might have been correct in assuming that, The global warming is nothing but the outdated Gregorian calendar that needs re-examination.

Where Has The Summer Gone?

Already the leaves are falling for the new season of Autumn (in July?), hence, my argument, it is rather the months that are no longer defining, or ‘keeping-up’ with the changing seasons; for example, the expected harsh winters of December-January, seemed to have given way to early spring, and the summer traditional months to Autumn, as at the present, and Autumn to Winter and so forth.

HAVE A GOOD DAY. (1430hrs BST is the Murdoch-Committee on BBC2).


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