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Remember This Thesis: A New Age of Neo-Colonialism (with a full-RT Article & Video Evidence: A MUST READ!)

We have constantly analysed and presented, on this blog, many articles that which have argued, consistently, how the present so-called ”Revolutionary Interests and Uprisings” in the Middle-East and Africa, the reminiscence of the Cold-War Age ‘National Liberations & Uprisings”, has opened up the long desired western interest for a new age of neo-colonialism, especially, with the growth of the ”Communist” China influence and activities within the third-world regions, the western powers have felt necessary to ‘balance’ the influence-ground and ‘to carve up’, again, their ‘spheres of dominance and influence’ in these poor (but very rich and strategic) regions of the world (affairs).

Here I will re-print the full article from today’s Russia Today News Channel and also attached at the end, a special video, by a well-renowned international human rights lawyer, Mr. Franklin Lamb, that was sent to me for your benefit.

Above mentioned products, challenges the ”representation and the presentation in narratives and propaganda from the western media, in terms, of events, that supposed to have happened, but more as western constructed-lies and so forth”, for example, as we covered in the past, the Libyan raping of women by Gaddaffi troops, proved a big-lie (Goebbelian), as it was taken from an old ”Turkish Vintage Porn”, and the ”6000 killed civilians”, then UN and International Court says only 203 counts, the ”chaotic Tripoli”, and so forth.

Please read and open your eyes to lies and truth. Also, have a look at my previous entries, on the Libya & Media Analysis/Headlines Pages, for more on these same issues, that we covered long time ago, before reported as so. Thank You.

Here is the RT Article in Full:

Entitled: ”Libyan Campaign Was Staged To Start Conquering Africa” (http://rt.com/news/libia-syria-war-africa/)

”“The NATO-led intervention in Libya and the unrest in Syria are both steps in a decades-long plan by the US and its allies to completely reshape the face of Africa, believes independent journalist and peace activist Thierry Maysan.

It’s quite obvious that the USA wanted to enter war at the same time with Libya and Syria. That wish was made public by John Bolton in 2002. The plan was passed over to France and Britain, who decided to bring it to life in November last year,” the author believes.

What is called public uprising of the free-loving people are actually coup attempts staged by the Western nations, Maysan says.

The operation in Libya in particular is marked by an astounding number of lies fed to the public, he added.

“By the time of the UN Security Council vote everyone had decided on the basis of reports submitted to the council. And the Security Council was certain that during the demonstrations in Benghazi the government killed 6,000 citizens – a terrible number. But now five months later the prosecutor at the International Criminal Court, which accused the Libyan leadership, has reduced the number… Now the prosecutor is building up his evidence on 208 victims instead of 6,000,” he pointed out.

In another example, footage was circulated by foreign TV channels allegedly showing Gaddafi’s soldiers raping women in retribution for the uprising. The video later turned out to be a rare Libyan amateur porn flick, Maysan said. The lies are meant to hide what the West wants to do in the region, the journalist believes.

“NATO keeps lying at every stage, which is surprising, because during the war in Kosovo NATO would normally lie only to conceal its mistakes. This time it’s being done not to conceal the mistakes, but to conceal the strategy,” he told RT.

The initial plan to overthrow the government in Tripoli has now obviously failed, so now the strategy has changed, the journalist believes.

“Western TV channels don’t speak of oppression and rebellion anymore, but of a civil war, thus trying to prepare public opinion for a declaration to divide the country into two parts: Cyrenaica on one side and Tripolitania on another, with the UN forces in between to separate the parties,” he said.

Civilian losses are not important for those behind this plan, Maysan says.

“From the moment it was decided to launch this operation, the lives of civilians have not been taken into account. Everything we used to see in the Middle East is not transpiring in this region. This is just a beginning. It’s just a question of re-arrangement of this region, and we are yet to see a series of wars,” he expects.

The scenario for Syria was designed in exactly the same way as the scenario for Libya, but it went in another direction, the activist argues.

“I think some countries, Russia included, thought better of it and prevented it. That is why at the moment there is no war in Syria. Even though some Western leaders repeat every day that it is necessary to go to war,” he said.”

As for the Video, this can be located Here at:


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