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On The Uk National Politics: The Essentials & The Interesting (The Next Black Wednesday 2.0; Purnell & Labour; European Crisis etc)

This is a small collage of few very interesting stories from the ‘official’ media channels’ take-on the national political scene. I have include also few analyses, my personal take, based on research and observations, as well as a look at the few vindications of the past analyses on the European Economic Crisis.

Lets set-off.

1. The Labour Party and The Return of Purnell The Saviour:


We have heard the squeaking-Labour party (present) leader, Mr. Milliband (I am not a fan, nor is a greater part of the voting population, I can confidently state so, based on an extensive research studies and focus-groups), recently, ‘barking loudly’ at the ‘injustice’ and ‘the failing establishment’. However, rather than standing firm on his ‘barking-mad’ views, Mr. Milliband as the rest of the political establishment class of Britain, all slowly began to change the tone of their ‘mighty barks’, into a ‘soft appeal for conscious’ on Mr. Murdoch’s behalf and News International; to do what is ”morally right”, as if Mr. Murdoch knows or practise what we refer to as morality and ethics.

This has been an interesting ‘open-for-public show’ on the realities of power and statecraft in the UK (and rest of the world, possibly), that the bigger ‘interests’ with bigger ‘pockets’, have ‘bigger voices’ and ‘presence’ at the centre of powers and policies.

Anyway, coming back, I have always championed the return of Alan Johnson, to the leadership position, seemingly forgetting, one of the most ablest and perfect candidate for ‘the lost party’, i.e. The Labour Party, Mr. James Purnell. This individual, is without a doubt, holds the highest moral positioning within the party (and probably the present British Politics), from his close-involvement and works with the poor sections of the society, from his resignation and disillusioned with politics, as a result of Blair-Labour Lies and Power-Abuse and so forth.

To Sum Up:

Mr. Purnell, is a perfect candidate for the Labour Party (and it’s revival). Just one more link for you (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2013051/Ed-Miliband-orders-troops-stop-attacking-Camerons-U-turns.html), on the stupidity of the present leader.

2. The Crumbling British Establishment? (Not Really):


The above link re-echoes the many voices and concerns that have been recently expressed by all members of the British Establishment, i.e. the Political Ruling Class, Media Class, Captains of Industries, Security, Knowledge-Manufacturers Line-Managers (experts and academians) and so forth.

The argument is that, there has been many recent abuses by those in power; the ruling establishment in Britain.

To Sum Up:

It is a good past-time read, with no practical or theoretical relevance, as whatever abuses and crimes these power-classes have carried-out, they will never ”get punished, that punish each other” for fear of deteriorating their power-hold, for creating chaos with unpredictable effects (loss of traditional power-positions) and so forth. So the Murdoch-Drama, is just that, a ‘make-believe’ drama, with not-an-inch of any real consequences to these groups and the system or structure of British State, but only us, the rest.

3. My Vindicated Analysis On The European Economics:



I once informed, and was in conversation with, Mr. Rentoul and Guido Fawke (or whatever it is), via twitter, on how (the correct analyses);

a. Ireland will do what it has done
b. Greece will follow-up, then Portugal, Spain and Italy (my ‘soft belly’ domino crisis): so it has!
c. How Euro and EU will not fail but rather come out of this as more stable, and more powerful (as all will look upon her, as she once helped, so now she will own them, just like the American banks and US Federal Reserves and Government TARP). This we will still have to wait and see.

4. My New Argument: The Black Wednesday 2.0.

Britain is Next. Here, there seems to be every observable trends and conditions that existed during the First Black Wednesday under the Major Government of the 1990s.

If one seeks to understand this clearly, go out and research or read on the events of the last Thatcher’s years in power, that led to Major Rule and The First Post-War Economic Crisis in the country of major proportion.

The same economic policies implemented by the present unelected coalition government, mirrors-perfectly the old ones of those years;

* The relentless public services cuts,
* the unemployment rises,
* the extensive privatisation (see Cameron Big Society Drive: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2013723/Ill-drive-Big-Society-reform-services-vows-Cameron.html),
* the middle-class bust,
* the property crash,
* the protests,
* the falling pound, and so forth.

All these were observable then, as they are today, hence, Black Wednesday 2.0 (the deja vu).

To Sum Up:

Britain Will Default Sooner or Later, that I can bet on.

Finally, not directly concerning the UK Politics, is the rift within the Anglo-French Alliance Against Libya, see;



Before you go, Please have a Look at the post below, as an essential reading for your benefit (The Neo-Colonialism Discussion)

Thanks You.


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