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Decoding The Mind Of Mr. Rupert Murdoch (A Reply To The Sunday Independent Article by Ms. Sarah Sands) YOU MUST READ!!!

Today, The Sunday Independent (a UK-based Newspaper) has an almost-excellent piece by Sarah Sands on ‘Murdoch: A Strategic Deceptive Master’, find the article here at;


Let quote a small brilliant portion of the article, where Miss Sands writes;

”Murdoch understands too the psychology of warfare and business: you cannot blink. Critics thought they had the Murdochs on the run, but the family was preparing, like Julius Caesar, to cross the Rubicon.

The art of surprise extends beyond the battlefield. This is a government founded on surprise. Nobody voted for a coalition, but David Cameron audaciously announced a “historic and seismic shift” in British politics. It felt so new and exciting; it took months before the public cottoned on to the fact that this was an old-fashioned political stitch-up.”

Fantastic! However, Ms. Sands, as the rest of the journalists who love to ‘spin’ and add the little flavour, can not avoid the same problem (they can attack each others mercilessly, but then they all fall to same practise of adding or over-exaggerating the one single ‘focal point’ of the story they believe their own ‘brand customers’ will find to their liking; i.e. supporting their own perceptions and views). What Ms. Sands over-exaggerates, is the ‘genius’ of Field Marshall Murdoch (yes, she applies, wrongly, the concept of Genius a la Clausewitz to describe the guy), using the military similarities (forced and conjectures) and the likes (as all other fields, from business to journalism, banking to politics, whom, since most ‘can not cut-it, as military men or women, psychologically, they redefine their peace-activities as those of the mighty military traditions and minds’).

Anyway, Mr. Murdoch is not a Genius, but here is well-informed, well-positioned and well-experienced to appreciate the grand principles of life, relations, conflict and business (what the military establishment refer to as, the ‘Principles of Wars’):

1. He knows when to fold, and when to surprise.
2. He knows when to deceive and when to protract.
3. He knows when to defend, and when to offend.
4. When to play, and when to wait.
5. to come from the east, when he appears to be coming from the west

and so forth, the similes are many and in plenty (I myself seems to be falling upon the same sword I criticise, but, alas, I have the conscious and guts of admitting and knowing my shortcomings).

Anyway, Mr, Murdoch has a system that is easily observable and predictable: HE DOES THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT IS, OR HAS BEEN EXPECTED, OF HIM TO DO!!!!

Let see if I can predict his next possible moves:

(a) perhaps a sell-out from the UK-based media business (not possible, will mean what the local media hope of him to do, and he does not do that is hoped of him to do)?

(b) fire the ”red top”, Rebekkah Brooks, possibly (but I reckon he might just ”shuffle” her to new positions abroad, US, perhaps)?

(c) The Big One, and his love for surprises, he will call it: ”The Buck Stop Here”, BS, and he will resign himself as the master of his empire?

(d) He will probably, might, one, drop the acquisition of the BskyB, but, two, latter down the line will get it, directly (second attempt) or indirectly (through some other sister companies owned and run by the Murdochs).

These are few of what is not expected of him, that he might just do. This Is the Mind Of Mr. Murdoch.


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