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South Sudan & African-Balkanisation: A New Age of The African-Nationalism & The Race Towards Internal-Decolonisation


How the independence of the Republic of South Sudan is without a doubt, probably, going to set unprecedented demands from the rest of the continental nationalists and secessionists groups.


Lets take, for example, the Swahili-Bantu of The Coastal Area of Kenya, who strongly believe, and once rose up unsuccessfully, and called for their independence (the majority of this region are Swahili Muslims, and believe they were ‘handed-over’ to the ‘Mainland Kenya’ rather as ‘trustees’ after the 1960s Independence, until they were ready to govern themselves, and strongly feel they are more sidelined out of politics, economics and wealth and so forth, areas which are dominated by the ”Mainland Ethnic Groups”, of Luos, Kikuyu, and so forth.

Then there are the Congolese, and their many, many groups, with great historical rivalry and animosity. Others, for example, Somalia, which has already broken down into three parts, literally, the Somali-Land, The Cut-throat Southern-Western-Borders and the surprise-you-are-still-alive Eastern Rich Coastal regions (of Mogadishu, Chismayu, Barawa, etc). Then, we come to the central Africa, namely, Chad, Cameroon, Niger, Nigeria, Central Republic and others, all, have lived, and still do so, with ”many nations within A Nation”. The Western Sahara Region and the Mauritania focal points of American Sub-Saharan Anti-Extremism policy drive (the great game of, the new sort of espionage and subversion, the anthropologists-within!).. From here, we vie onwards to the Arabian Nations of Africa:

1. Libya: we are watching the unfolding of events; the split of the state, perhaps?

2. Algeria: since the independence and the civil war, the country has been divided between the Francophiles of the North and Eastern regions, and the Salafists of the South and the western mountains.

3. Egypt: We might just again have the old Upper and Lower Egypts of the Pharaohs, as things are getting-on!

4. Tunisia: No threat of divisions, topographically illogical, and never throughout it’s contemporary near-history has she suffered such a fate unlike others (Highly Unlikely).

5. Morocco: (Hi M. From Recent Marrakech-Trip). Not a threat, very ‘feminine’ state (the most of the Arab Nations and People), and tend to look towards the house of the Mohammed, the national monarchy, as the UK looks to the House of the British Monarchy.

The South of the Continent: The only bombshell is, of course, Zimbabwe. If Mugabe should go, the country will join the rein of the southern prosperity (the region is the most successful on the continent).

I hope I have set out the argument, soundly, on why there might be an encouraged trends for a revived African Nationalism, as a result of the recent successes of the South Sudan, and perhaps, more to come, and not very long that of Eritrea, for example.

The kettle has been boiling for some time and now hissing-sounds of warning, perhaps, can be heard by those with clear audio receptiveness capabilities.

Good Luck To The Continent.


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