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The Battle For Britain II: The Unstoppable Pax Murdoch

Well, as we were just talking about yesterday,as we examined on how the British Media Establishment Went to war with The Murdoch’s NewsCorp, ever since the imperial power had set her eyes and designs on the British Isles.

Thus, from there on, there has been a barrage of pitched-battles led by the leading national newspapers and broadcasters, in UK, who banded and fought together fiercely for their ‘rightful natural power, influence, and status’ as equal within the UK Ruling Establishment (The Murdoch Entry, continuously undermined the shared-ration of the power, in favour against ‘the traditionalists’; Mail, Guardian, BBC, ITV etc). Nevertheless, the Murdoch Imperial Army continued to exist and advance in depth, as she continued to withstand the harsh-offenses, and rather, cleverly, as today, appears to have gained grounds from such offenses. Today, it was just another brilliant counter-offense that we saw implemented by the Imperial Army, just brilliant, one has to admire it, even when one has nothing but contempt and hate of the juggernaut (to use Professor Anthony Gidden terminology).

So, what was this brilliant tactical counter-offense?

The Imperial Army announced the disbandment, that closing down, of the troubled-brand, the News Of The World (this sunday to be the last). Here is another brilliant opportunistic offense, as it does seems, the empire has not lost anything relevant or worth from this announcement, as she might intend seek to ”re-create” the sunday-tabloid brand under new name, the Sun-Day Paper (via the daily, The Sun). Brilliant counter-strokes.

Well, we will keep on watching the not-relevant to us great power-game of the decade (with great future repercussions, without a doubt).


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