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Battle For Britain II: How The British Media Establishment Went to War Against The NewsCorp Empire.

In the United States, where, according to the political scientists of the pluralists theories, for example, Robert Dahl, the power of the elites tends to be spread-out and shared, rather than concentrated in/within one ‘establishment’. Thus, contrary to critical theorists of Frankfurt School of socio-political thought, and other elitists theorists. The point, this many-mini-establishments-bases, breaks ‘barrier to entry’, to use business lingua, and so, creates a real competitive power-marketplace for all to bid upon, and challenge each other, fairly, hence, Murdoch Empire had no problem in the United States, but as we will see, in the UK, the story is much different, as the traditionalists power establishments of the media, will not give up their power-shares and influence, that come with it, without a good bloody battle (on the beaches, skies and sea…blah blah…).

Thus, in contra, the UK, as we have already looked at (see The British Strategy I & II), the power base is monolithic, that, it is one big establishment made up of the same traditional elitists members and groups in the country; the media establishment, the political ruling classes (the ‘job for life’ civil servants, politicians), the state-academics, the law-enforcement institutions (courts, police, armies) and the ‘bourgeoisies’, i.e. the owners of productions and wealth: what I refer to as ”The Knowledge Industry”. None of these groups have ever been really challenged, in terms of their power-shareholding; for example, recently though, only the political ruling classes, and very weakly, have faced some manageable challenges via two unrelated trends;

1. The Growth in numbers of the ‘outside’ special advisers, reducing the power-hold of the civil servants, as their role is weakened (but not really!).

2. The European Union, and the weakening of the national power-centres, as the growth of the former shadows the sovereign-roles of the latter (but, again, not really!).

Anyway, coming back to this present article point.

Today, the greatest single threat seems to have plagued the fifth estate (the media establishment), and their power to influence, shape and dictate policies, laws and even political fates, and relations (within and without). In the past, before the age of internet, the media had tremendous power vis-a-vis the political ruling establishment, and could not really be ignored or left out, as most of the time these were integrated into policy-making and government businesses (the age of the Daily Mail, the age of the Tabloids, Guardian etc). However, with the proliferation of the internet and the alternative channels of news, and with now, most recent, the threat of the monopolisation of the their beloved-power under one master, the emperor Murdoch, the British Media, that, those not controlled, or have the desire to be controlled in future through the Murdoch Empire, have banded together like Guerrillas and declared a covert-warfare on the NewsCorp Imperial Army.

The interesting thing is, the war has been ongoing for a while, but every assault of the past seemed to have failed to produce, or shift any movement desired by the ‘local media guerrillas’. Since the first years of the early attempts to invade the UK, the Murdoch empire suffered intensive barrage of artillery fires from these guerrillas and harassment of all sort imaginable, to this day, and much recently, even with the ‘phone-hacking’ claims, it looked as if the Empire is there to stay, and to grow (as the government was doing all it can to support and to publicly give it a green-light on the take-over of the BskyB, the BBC fears, hence, she too, comes-in on the side of the little guerrillas). Alas, one might tempted to say god-given, hell-no, they searched and searched for the evidence to ”bring down the empire” and they, the little guerrillas, seemed finally to have been given the hope of defeating the Goliath: the new revelations.

Lets be realistic. First, the media, all of them, use same tactics as the Murdoch empire does. Secondly, the media, do not give an inch-of-crap about ‘privacy’, if they did they wouldn’t spend massive funds and energy lobbying for anti-regulations of the media sector in favour against respecting the public and individual rights and privacy, and so forth.

In short, this new Battle For Britain, is a private war, between two-power establishments, in rivalry, over who is going to be the big-dog in town? The public, the victims, are just the pawn in the power-game.

Good Day To You. I hope I have Informed.


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