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Why The World Needs A Communism-Renaissance? (copyrighted: I am writing a little book on this)

One does not need to be a Communist to appreciate this little fact, that, the multi-polarity of International Affairs is rather a big failed sham. The Concept has never really worked, in balancing interests and creating harmony in inter-relations, as the liberal-idealists schools would have it, and thus, this phenomenon of international politics, has rather created more global, local and regional chaos, disorder, insecurities, conflicts, mistrusts, violent competition, advanced exploitation and so forth. The argument, as such, is that, we need a counter-balancing ideology, similar to others throughout human history and international affairs, that which can balance relations, demarcate interests and open a competitive international market for ideas, economics, cultures, and so forth.

In other words, we, the world, need a new communist-renaissance, one which should be ‘flexible, smart, adaptable and non-westernised”, as the Soviet-European of the Nineteenth Century onward was.

Communism, for me, personally, is not a western ideology, it is an eastern ideology, as most in the ‘haves-not’ states of the East (Asiatic, Arabian etc) and the South (Latin America and Africa) tend to be more communal and collective traditionally and inherently in their affairs and relations, rather than the Northern states of Europe-Asia (Russia, Baltic, Mediterranean etc). In other words, the Northern Communism was never a ”fit” within the Northern Culture (kultur), and, on the other hand, the Eastern Communism, today as seen through the eyes of China is a perfect model of successful strategic fit,;even under extensive assault from the ideological opposite of the west, namely, capitalism, with attempts to undermine it through claims of Human Rights Abuse and others (as if Capitalism does not practise these, and actually, these are practised to ”normality” under capitalism, and ‘tacticism” via the public).

Anyway, I am working on writing a small book on how Communism is not a rigid western doctrine and rather it is an adaptable practise similar to capitalism, as that bold-guy, wannabe-economist Kerensky attempted to argue for capitalism, one can turn his own argument, by noting that, there are many ”phases of communism” as well (the Communism 1.0, of pre-industrial age; the 2.0 of pre-Marxism; 3.0 of Soviet-Marxism versions of Leninism, Stalinism, Trotskyism etc and today, the 4.0 of Chinese Eastern Communism).

In short, the world needs a return to a bipolar world, of demarcated ideologies, of capitalism of the North and Communism of the East-South. In this way, we can have a competitive (political, cultural, social and economical) International Marketplace, the centrepiece of capitalism/neo-liberalism-crap.


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2 thoughts on “Why The World Needs A Communism-Renaissance? (copyrighted: I am writing a little book on this)

  1. Communism is to be global or it is not at all. There cannot be a “bi-polar” world of diametrically opposed modes of production.

    Posted by Jalllaoolo | May 22, 2012, 12:05 pm
    • good point,

      However neo-communism, that new communism of modern times, needs not to fall onto the same trap that defeated it’s predecessor, namely, the centralization of communism at one particular centre, for example, in the past Moscow, today, Beijing, but rather it needs to be hydra-centric, that forms one ideological goal, values and ends, but springs independently from each respective localities. This is the answer for the neo-communism not centrally-directed but centrally-encouraged to spring locally.

      Posted by s.s.salim: Geopolitical Analyst | May 22, 2012, 1:00 pm

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