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The Week-End Headlines’ Take On Libya (with articles links)

For site-readers, here are the selected few latest headlines on Libya in the weekend press.

1. Remember, my argument on why Gaddaffi is proving to be frustratingly unmovable even with all various attempts and the likes. My argument was, centrally to this failure to oust Gaddaffi, is the failure of the Anglo-French Aggressors to sway the African Union support to their sides, and I outlined in detail why? For example, Libyan;

(a) being the second leading investor in the continent
(b) the myths and legends behind Gaddaffi and Libya within the continent against Colonialism.
(c) the ever present fears of the continent of the new age of neo-colonialism and so forth.

For Further Reading Recommendations:

Please refer to the Libya Page on this website, for example, on Gaddaffi, Libya & Africa, the Anthropological Analysis Papers on the Middle East, the coin ops discussions et cetera.

Well, these weekend ‘official’ media articles ”now accepts” the contention that I have stated, ‘that Gaddaffi and Africa are well-bonded, spiritually and psychologically, in a manner of speaking”.

The Links:

+ http://rt.com/news/african-union-gaddafi-arrest/ (Russia Today)

+ http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/middle-east/african-union-calls-on-member-states-to-disregard-icc-arrest-warrant-against-libyas-gadhafi/2011/07/02/AGzj88uH_story.html (The Washington Post)

2. France and the arming of the ”rebels”, remember, the western mercenaries calling themselves Libyan rebels.

Further Readings:

the Libyan mercenaries posts; New France Militarism pages and other media reviews posts.

The Article from Russia Today notes how France state that she will not apologise for the recent actions, as she has not broken any laws, as prescribed under the disgraceful Resolution 1973; see also, Operations Boots similarities with Operation Odysseys Dawn, and other on Libya Page.

+ http://rt.com/news/lavrov-juppe-libya-weapons/

3. The shadowy-interests of the Nato Mission, conducted by the Anglo-Franco Aggressors, in Libya (see also; the few posts on the ‘mission creep’, Libya again etc);


4. My argument on the lost chance for a ‘moral legitimacy’ squandered by the two key aggressors in Libya, sacrificing a unified voice, for own national-commercial interests (see also, the commercial v national security, and others under Libya).

This article, from Russia Today, discusses the German position vis-a-vis Nato’s Aggression in Libya. Good Read.


Enjoy Your Week-End.



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