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Strauss-Kahn: A Case for the Corruptible Rule of Law! (The Man Who Knows Too Much)

The Recent case of the monster, yes he is, Mr. Strauss-Kahn, the former head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), is a perfect meal for the Anarchists, anti-democracy, communists, Marxists, and so forth, who have all, throughout the ages, looked at the democracy and its claims of the rule of law, as fraud and self-serving instrument for the rich and the ruling-interest; to exploit; to command; to suppress; and, to rule over the majority non-ruling and non-wealthy citizens.

So, what can one argue precipitated today’s change of ”verdict”, that, begun ‘feed’ and ‘relayed’, guess, yes, the media (the other instrument of the ruling interests), and suddenly, the court (another tool of suppression, oppression and hegemonisation), which suddenly decided that, there might be, apparently, the need to re-examine the evidence, mmm; after all that initial, almost hung-him cries, of indisputable evidences, to questionable evidence (wow!).

So, again, what brought this apparent change of ”verdict”?

My personal view, is that, Mr. Strauss-Kahn, is a man who knows too much, and seems to have ”used” his ”insider knowledge” to seek a bargain card, for his freedom. This reminds me of Nicholas Cage in the film, Lord of War, in the end, where he is with the Interpol Officer in the interrogation room, and the officer puts fear on him of what awaits his pitiful of life, and Mr. Cage, replies fantastically, ”A Man is going to come, with more medals on him than you can imagine, and that is my fate, a free man” (or something of such a point). This mirrors the present case. The Rich, and knowledgeable man, with the secrets of states and higher ”beings of powers’, will walk free from his crimes, and the victim, the powerless-maid from Africa, will never gets the satisfaction of seeing the wrongs done on her. punished, and rather, she will, definitely, be persecuted, mocked, stripped of any moral and righteous truth, and so, she will be the one put on trial, not the criminal, but the victim will face the crimes.

(For UK readers, this should remind us of the recent outcry, Millie Dowler Case, and the laws coming out to curb the ”persecution of the victims’, by both the media and the legal-loop-holes that are being utilised by the other side for victims’ persecutions).

In short, the criminal, Mr. Strauss-Kahn will walk free, and the victim, will be persecuted and criminalised……However, as a person of faith in ‘special humans’ and the Americans overall nature in standing for the victims, especially the ”activists judges”, as they are known down there, might just defy the ”gods of power and laws, that govern men and women of earth”, and stand for the victim: My fingers-are-crossed!!!!!


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