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The British Strategy II: Beyond The Union (aka The English Strategy)

The British Strategy II: Beyond the Union, also known as The English Strategy, is a Part II follow-up, to yesterdays’ part I exploration of the British Strategy in the New World. The Part I, thus, had a look at the need to rethink a British Strategy within the union, not beyond one, as we are going to do at the present, the Part II.

As I had stated previously, under the heading ”The Scottish Independence: How Will England Survive?” (https://geopoliticalintelligence.wordpress.com/2011/06/14/scottish-independence-how-will-england-survive/), the independence-issue for the Scots is unavoidable, and almost a guaranteed event (that with a greater probability of happening). The question, or the issue that we will attempt to look at here is, ‘what will be an English Strategy beyond the Union?’

We already know, without secrecy, what the Scots will, or desire to, do, that seek a full integration, or at least an absolute loyal close-cooperation, with the European Union. This is the same objective for the Welsh (if you have been down there, a lovely country by the way, you will have observed the an ease of ‘Europeanisation of Wales’; the funded-projects going up, the immigration flowing in, the tourism, the social fund and so forth. Wales is European, literally, at the present). Thus, we are left with the old grumpy England, whose refusal to see and accept the temporal utility of ”Europeanisation’ as the other two, the Scots and Welsh, and hence, rather the country image, socio-economic prosperity and finances, and even politics, have been left in the states of dangerous schizophrenic. Are we to be or not to be? Just answer the damn question, and done with it? Unlikely, as the local political elite base is intimidated and shaken with fear of the uncontrollable chaos and threats to their power-base as a result of Brussel-ification of Westminster, not the fear of the loss of sovereignty of the state, but rather it is the fear of the loss of the sovereignty of the traditionally powerful elites and their ‘gods-given right to rule, undisturbed’, that is the concern at the heart of the British Politics..

Lets have a brief examination of this sociological theme of the ‘Iron Laws of The Oligarchy’, or in terms of the British Civil Services/Bureaucratic-Machines (remember including the political parties, corporations, according to the sociologists, Weber’s disciples), as Tony Benn, the ex-Labour MP and Minister, Brian Sedgemore and the Crowther-Hunt Report of the 1980, The British Civil Services and Politicians are the ”Ruling Class”. Lets end this section with Weber’s own remarks, that echoes my argument above, of the rattled and fearful class. He writes;

” So much terrible is the idea that the world should be filled with nothing but those cogs who cling to a little post and strive for a somewhat greater one….[it’s] as though we knowingly and willingly were supposed to become men who need order and nothing but order, who become nervous and cowardly if this order shakes for a moment”.

Could not have said it much better!

Anyway, coming back to our present discussion, the English Strategy, we can briefly, state that, whatever way, the country will have either to seek a ‘symbolic union’, that, a second union without the presence of conventions and legalities, sort of customary stature (we are already ruled by these unwritten ‘traditions’). Secondly, it will have to go beyond this ‘local old British union’, the Olde Jack, and towards embracing of the new Erasmus era, that of full integration into Europe, as we had stated yesterday.

Thus, in short, whatever one looks at, the Union and the entities beyond the Union (of Great Britain), will all still have to integrate into the new Great Union of Europe, or left out in the cold, and insecure. I think, up to this point, we have made our point, so we will leave the discussion here, but any further enquiries or discussion, need not be shied-away.



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