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The Great Works (Reviewed & Shared with Readers: Bernays’ Propaganda; Spycatcher; Le Bon)

There are few works that can really be called great works, as they have that practical-application, rather intellectual-stimulation, and so today, I will share with you, the readers, few of these great works, all of which are available through open source websites.

1. The First Work is that of the Spycatcher, by a former MI5 officer. This work when first appeared was censored and there was a long bitter fight to silent it (as most recent with that of the Independent Journalist who wrote about a British Regiment experiences in Afghanistan, and the MOD ”bought” the entire rights of the books, so to stop making it go public).

Spycatcher is a good read, especially, after the initial highly technical chapters of the book, one will start to be enticed into the stories, in particular of the penetration of the British Security Services by the Russians; the ‘top directorates’ as a part of the suspected groups of infiltrators; the counter-intelligence works that was taking place; the ‘bitter realities’ of security services work, that espionage, that, not worth it (in pay, in loyalty, in support, in health and so forth).

I would highly recommend the book to readers (remember the book, as a pdf document, does not belong to me, but rather comes from an open source website).


2. Is the great PR-Manual, a work written by the so-called the ‘father of PR’, Mr. Edward Bernays, entitled ‘Propaganda’.

In short, this is an excellent read for all readers, in gaining an understanding of the professional, and to have a new way of looking at things that are ‘communicated’ to us all.


3. This is one of my favourite, the study of human nature and psyche, by the great Gustave Le Bon, ‘The Crowd: A Study of The Popular Mind’. This is a must read, at least, I believe so.


Well, I will stop here at the present, and hope, you will all have a great reads, and day.


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