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Why Obama Doctrine For An American Neo-Isolationism is a Sound Policy

There are many ways one can point to the critics of Mr. Obama New American Global Strategy, but Here I will focus on one simple but yet, perhaps, the most significant of them all is the strategic order in Pakistan (If this was not in their minds, the formulators of the Strategy, my little Neo-Isolationism Recommendation, then you just got a big bonus one correctly).

Why, and How, could one connect the American New Strategic Framework towards Global Affairs, to Pakistani Security and Order?

If anyone ever took a physics, engineering or any other highly technical subjects, that I am not well knowledged at, then one might appreciate the simple theory (I have no clue, with utmost honesty, as to what it is called or referred to in more technical terms) of what I will call ”Tension Release”. The Theory goes like this, apparently and commonsensical, that if within one area a build-up of pressure is exerted to over-mass (I believe, someone, needs to help me out here), that in simple language, if for example the steam is full in one of your cooking pots, or kettle, then you will hear the sounds (the warning, in terms of what is related to Pakistan, the Talibanisation of the region, away from the Afghan base, and into a country with highest strategic significance, in terms, of the Nuclear Weapons, and advanced scientific knowledge). Anyway, to continue, the sounds, and the massing of the pressure/steam, will force a new way out, spilling some water or something to outside areas (Pakistan, first Afghan, with Afghanistan strangle-approach, spilled to Pakistan, and where next is a real concern?), and so, for an expert, cook or physician, he or she will from the beginning or just about the growing warnings/the sounds, will place another open valve, or rather open a valve later on to ease the pressure.

I know, most of you, being clever chaps and ladies, you might have already figured what the heck is it I am trying to say. So lets say it, in simplicity.

The Taliban spill into Pakistan, as a result of being forced out of Afghanistan, by the denial tactics of the allies, begun to exert more pressure on the internal politics and society of the Pakistan. As a result for some time, at least 7 years now, since the great operation anaconda escape via the tora bora mountians and into Pakistan Swat Valley, and from there, as a result of the allies and Pakistan local forces surge against their operations in that region of North-Western, that suddenly saw these forces spilling into the mainstream Pakistani main cities and towns, and from there they have created chaos and disorder and more and more pressure has been piling up, as a result.

Thus, the New American Strategy, as announced by Mr. Obama today will, in a sense, open a new valve to ease the pressure on such a strategic state in the region and global security.

That’s about it. I got caught up at one point, especially during the technicalities of Physics and Engineering, but from there on, I hope I have tried and achieved to make sense, finally, of what I am trying to state, as to the reason, Why the New Obama Doctrine for US New Global Strategy is a Sound Policy at Critical Moment for the world, the certain key strategic choke-points (Middle East, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Africa, Chinese Encroachment etc).



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