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Libya: How Accurate I Was, Surprised Me Too, Not Really! (The Final Phase)

”Amr Moussa, who is a leading candidate to be Egypt’s next president, broke with the international consensus that Col Gaddafi must step down unconditionally and said there should be a ceasefire and peace talks while the Libyan leader remains in power. ”

The Daily Telegraph (UK)

The opening statement is from a chairperson of the Arab League, an organisation that is the only thing, since the beginning of the Libyan Aggression by the Anglo-French Belligerents, holding the will of these two, and the (unstable moral and financial) support under guise of NATO & UN Mandate, and since they have never had the support of the AU, the critical variable against the present regime, as noted on the earlier posts on Libya, we have seen nothing going towards their way, to understand the ”systemic why?” see the post on Libya, Gaddaffi, Africa and The West). Other Newspapers and Media Channels are as well reiterating the point on the breaking will of NATO-Alliance of the Two-minus-One (that Anglo-Franco Neo-Imperialism Aggression, Minus US, plus Italy). One should also not that, the statement acknowledges, what I have been stating all along, that ”The Libyan leader [will] remain in power”. Here is the Link: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/africaandindianocean/libya/8590506/Amr-Moussa-says-he-has-second-thoughts-about-Libya-campaign.html.

Another Paper putting forward similar reference is from The Times, a newspaper that has continuously rallied and encouraged, and advocated aggressively throughout for the ‘removal of Gaddaffi’, namely, regime change, on behalf of its big clients sponsors, hence, the recent, to come, a new ”Times CEO Summit’ hosted by the paper for the big businesses. The Link: http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/news/world/europe/article3070749.ece (entitled ”NATO cracks as Italy Foreign Minister calls for ceasefire), as stated, this time is from a minor alliance (the tri-party member of Aggression in Libya, the ”Little Italy”). RT Link of same story: http://rt.com/news/line/2011-06-22/#id12761.

Then there is the coverage that began with the remarks by the UK Top Naval chief of staff, stating that, Libyan Aggressions are unsustainable for the next three months to September. This was reinforced and supported by The UK Air Chief Marshall, another big cahoona within the alliance and the regional/continental military establishment, though one does get that feeling that, the real goal of their remarks, that, behind the rhetoric, there is more lobbying for more defence budget rise rather than cut. The Horrible Daily Mail has this link on the story, as the unelected PM of UK (yes, our little delusional democracy, for you and me) tells these two and other dissenting military voices, ”You do the fighting, I will do the talking” (quoting the paper); http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2006109/You-fighting-Ill-talking-Cameron-slams-defence-chiefs-claims-t-stay-Libya-summer.html. On the Westminster PM Question-Time, we just heard how the unelected coalition and PM, got a real knock-outs on this very question, and around this Quotation, ‘You Fight, I Talk’ (for The Coalition Analysis, in particular personalities psychological profiling see the old post on ‘Cameroon & Clegg: A psycho-Profile’).

Remember my three ‘hypothetical end-results’ of the Libya Affairs (see the post Somalia-ification of Libya: An Intelligence Estimate);

1. Removed in civility, and power handed over to rebels (this was the time European stood as a united political pressure group, not military aggressors led by two ex-colonists, bad PR, from start, ‘the association’)

2. The Cycle of Violence and Coups (this was when we saw more-and-more pysops and military pressures put onto the regime)

3. The Gaddaffi Rule, this was my contention from start, arguing we will still find him in power when the storm passes over (and only him, can break the deadlock, not bombs or ‘western rebelification’ of Libyans). This is what is happening right now, it has, the present change of events, even seemed to have challenged my previous contention, that come Christmas Libya Crisis will still be with us…..and now, it does seems it might come to a more sudden whimper-end before the-predicted time. (Let see where next will the pendulum swing; life depends on events, not other ways around).


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