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The Anthropological Study of Contemporary Middle East (Chapter II): The Blow-Back II

First and Foremost, I would like to thank each and everyone who have contributed and commented on the First-Chapter of the My Anthropological Study of The Contemporary Middle East, that I published yesterday. Secondly, I would like today to expand on the point that is not missed, but rather understated or underplayed, the threat of the blow-back.

Ask yourselves this simple little question, ‘What has been, or is, the single significant desire in the hearts of the contemporary extremists movements (in our case, the so-called ‘Global Jihadists’)? Yes, as you are thinking. Let me break ‘our similar thought’ into smaller points, and see how they relate, as such, and how they represent the same aspect as was seen between the Afghan War against the Soviets (the funding and training of Talibans and others) and the Events of 9/11 7 post-9/11 (the reapplication of such skills and technological know-hows against ourselves).


This account is based on my very old thesis that I wrote, and had great discussions with my mentoring assistant (teacher), especially, when in 2008, I forecasted with accuracy upon him the exact unfolding of the present Middle East Crisis, and his response to me was, ”You are Mad. The West, First, will never allow this to take place, or even become public, visibly (i.e. referring to protests and media circus). Secondly, the Global Jihadists, do not have such capabilities for such Reach and Penetration (i.e. Propaganda to convert and influence, to train, and fund etc)”— My Study was titled ”AL-QAIDA: THE NEW ISLAMIC ART OF WAR” (Here I argued that, 1. Al-Qaida was misunderstood, as it was not an organisation, but rather an Idea, that has overshadowed the traditional ”Islamic Art of War as ascribed within the concept and practise of Jihad. Anyway, it is long and I will leave it here). The point is, my mentor, Dr. A.J.F., was wrong and I was right (a lesson to claimants of over- and great experiences, knowledge and expertise).

Anyway, coming back to our points.

1. The Militarisation of The Ummah (as Muslim refer to the Greater Muslim Society of the World, collectively).

This means that, Global Jihadists (hereafter G.J.), appreciated the barrier that the existing monarchs and rulers had in suppressing civil martialisation of their people, that, the arming and martial training of the citizens (as observable in Libya and al.). This presented an headache for the G.J. Groups sees it means it will cost them more time, energy, manpower, resources, finances, acquisitions and control of land, freely, for training bases and so forth, and with the close-eyes of the existing dictatorial rulers these were never a reality.

POINT: Today, It has been finally made a reality, as the West foolishly trains and arms the desires of the ‘fedayeen’ (soldiers of sacrifice) for the G.J. Groups. All they have to do now, ”mingle and later agitate a new”.

2. This is perhaps the second critical factor, the ”Similarities” of the cause, and the people, make it easier, as was, and is still, desired by G.J. Groups, for the ‘integration of the ummah”, the caliphate goal. This time with an extra nugget of ‘revolutionarism’, or as it is already know in some Muslim sectors, the Great Second Hijra, or Exodus toward sthe Unity of the Muslims.

POINT: The ”shared Values and Doctrines” is key for unity, as experiences, and the west, are creating the way for such a united voice (we have always sought to Divide and Rule in that region, Yes, We have, wake up and stop pretending otherwise).

I will stop here for now, but I hope I have made the points available in supporting the coming threat of the Blow-Back II: The Muslim Strike Back (HaHa, Couldn’t Help It!).

Thanks Anyway, and Have a Fantastic Weekend.


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