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The Fallacy Of Security Logic In The West: Matter Over Mind (Copyright)

The Fallacy of the Security Logic in the West, is a discussion that I am building for coming debate, on how the western pre-occupation with ‘Matter’, that ‘body counts’ of ‘extremists’ killed is more dominant in their minds and in shaping their approach to, seemingly, operational rather than strategic-based models, that encourages the undermining of the ideologies (the mind) as more significant (as seen against Fascism of NAZIs, Stalin-Marxism, etc).

In short, the argument baseline is that we have been looking and preoccupying ourselves with rather more irrelevant factors of how many we killed today, and how many tomorrow, and so forth. As we Kill, we are killing the hope of killing the ideas, as we feed the beast rather than weakening it strengths and hold on people’s minds.

Thus, more on the mind, and less on the matter.


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