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The Anthropological Analysis of The Middle East ‘Rebellious’ Generation (The Articles Governments, Security Services & Specialists would not want to Miss Reading It!)

I Know, I have been promising this article for sometime now, and today, I thought I should just chin-up and get on with it.

The article discusses the missed critical underlying traits that characterise and is embodied deep (i.e. intrinsic) within the conscious and the socio-political and cultural perception of the young middle eastern generation, that is at the centre of the most defining event in our age, the reshaping of the Middle East Society, Politics and Global Future Map, The so-called Jasmine Revolutions.

What we, in the west, as a result of our ‘mirror-effect’ (as intelligence analyst might refer to), we are actually looking and attempt to understand the events in the middle east from our own cultural and social, political and strategic understanding of the region, and what we know of the ‘usual’ trends and societal patterns of the cultures and people at all levels. This approach is highly highly fatal and erroneous (90 per cent), sees we, through our above problematic approach are actually missing the reality that is unobservable from afar or even from within by a ‘traveller’, the old-aged animosities, hatred, witnessed ‘persecutions of Muslim people’, by ourselves, Zionists (most famous), and the stories, the livelihood, the blames, the scape-goating, the shames, the horrors, the dreams and desires, and so forth.

These, mentioned, psychological factors, with powerful effect and ingrained strength within the minds, hearts and memories of these people, of these regions, can never ever, let us not fool ourselves, be rid or wiped-out, with mere ‘supports’, and rallying on one-side against the old other, that has been well known to be ‘a stooge’ of our wills. In this way we can not write-off the past. We can not stop the unconscious spring up. We can not make new friends out of old enemies. We can not delude, most importantly, ourselves of being able to do these with successes. But rather, we can accept, and start planning for the ‘backlash’ or the ‘major blowback’ (Afghan one is a child play compare to what is to come), that is about to unfold when the storm ceases, the dark clouds will migrate to our shores, with mighty thunders and storms, as those who condemn us for their misery, now are in power, and with ‘full public and democratic support’ of their people and outside world.

In short, Ladies and Gentlemen, history is warning us, but we are ignoring it to our own perils. The ‘rebellious’ young, will in time be the ‘terrible’ ones (A Warning for Us). Let us thread carefully (if I am to recommend an approach, I would follow closely the old raison d’este that we might as well rally behind the old nasty kings, queens, dictators and forth in the region, rather than siding with this young energetic and unstable new powers (better the devils we know, than the ones we can not trust or even control).


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4 thoughts on “The Anthropological Analysis of The Middle East ‘Rebellious’ Generation (The Articles Governments, Security Services & Specialists would not want to Miss Reading It!)

  1. I appreciate Salem’s effort, but I think this one of those times it might be useful to know the background of the writer, in order to try and discern if we are reading an effort at political analysis, or merely a zealot putting forward his political agenda.

    The “Jasmine Revolution” is certainly a far better term than an “Arab Spring”, but both are misleading (even insulting, if one happens to be Czech!). Just because the Egyptian army decided it would not fire into crowds, thus forcing the president’s “resignation”, does not mean whoever is behind the demonstrations will soon step forward and turn out to be Arab Madison’s, Washington’s, Jefferson’s, etc. Egypt is in an economic free-fall, and I would be far from surprised to wake up one day in the next few weeks and hear that the massacre of Copts had begun. As is, only the army protects them from the kind Egyptian “man on the street”. One can also look to Syria, where the Christian community offers strong (probably decisive) support to the Opthamologist, because w/o the ruling family, the Syrian Christians would have been subjected to continual “pogroms” in the past few decades. And, by the way, the situation in Tunisia is not substantially different than in Egypt.

    One could go country by country through the Arab, Persian, Afghan, and, tragically, Turk world and discuss the obsession with Israel & Jews (which has spread to Turkey), whether that obsession is being used cynically to preserve power by re-directing people’s anger, or just being used by the Islamic clerics to propagate an atmosphere of anti-intellectualism. With regard to the latter, how can a region produce leaders, writers, or intellectuals of any sort when Holocaust Denial, obscene levels of antisemetism (publishing “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”? Come on!), and criminal conduct disguised as religion (honor killings, genital mutilation of women, etc.) result in authorities looking the other way? Kemal Attaturk was one of the greatest men of the 20th Century, but in Turkey everything he did and stood for is being destroyed.

    I would contend that because of its rejection of intellectualism in favor of a criminal mythology, the laziness and greed of those countries with petroleum, and the stamping out of any efforts to try and render Islam a religion which can have a positive influence on its adherents, there is no “future” in the Middle East. America may be in decline (although like Rome at the end of the 2nd Century A.D., beginning of 3rd, that decline could be reversed by real leadership), but the M.E. will never recover from its precipitous decline under the Ottomans in the 17th Century. Events have, and will continue to skip over the Middle East, proceeding to India and, especially, to China & Asia (even those Muslim countries in Asia willing to separate themselves from the backwardness of the M.E.) in general. An entire region stretching from the West coast of Africa to Pakistan cannot even allow the existence of a tiny country with land of marginal value, even though events have made it clear that no chance will ever again exist of “pushing Israel into the sea”. Because of this obsession the course of history has passed by the Middle East, right into Asia.

    Posted by Skip | June 18, 2011, 1:44 pm
    • Hi Skip,

      See My About SS:SS for my background, not much I can tell, I will be breaking her majesty’s ”Official Secret Acts”, Haha.

      Thanks for the post brilliant as always.

      Posted by SS STRATEGIC SERVICES | June 18, 2011, 1:59 pm
      • My friend, you are one witty guy! And though I am far from brilliant, I readily concede that status.to you. To some extent you are toying with us. But, I have an open mind, and your intellectual superiority does NOT render your ideas any less interesting or provocative.


        Posted by Skip | June 18, 2011, 6:33 pm
      • Hi Skip,

        Thanks for the complement (left me blushing,ha). I am just ‘a little bit knowledged’ not much. And from your gripping counter-attacks I reckon you are actually better than I.

        (Looking to cross the oceans, if ever there in US, Canada, actually I am looking to move and find work in Australia, the next USA, but if ever near you, I will be much honoured to share a coffee and battle-wits).

        Keep Connecting.

        Posted by SS STRATEGIC SERVICES | June 19, 2011, 9:31 am

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