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On Book Review: How To Use Politicans to get what You Want, by Scott Colvin

The Book is very interesting, and might be more interesting for wannabe-lobbyists, or just those who seek to campaign for local community agenda, or individually, through their representatives or local based multinational corporations.

It is an excellent read on ”How-To” for novice and the general Public Highly Recommended, not to buy, but to borrow from your local libraries, I do not Solicit or advertise for publishers or authors, sorry.

Got few more coming, here is the list;

* Nietzsche Complete Series, done with few, and three to go.
* Kant Critique of Pure Reason
* H.G. Wells A Short Story of The History of the World
* John Pilger (not my cup of tea..but) The New Rulers of the World
* M. W. Covell Trend Following

Some List, will be busy this weekend for sure (Sun Is Shining, Life is Terrible, so what best to pass the times, but Books, and they said these died…hush!)


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