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Scottish Independence: How Will England Survive?

How will the English survive the coming, inevitable, break-up of the Union, as the Scots are definitely going to go for a fast Independence (you can put all the greatest heads and assets, intelligence, propaganda etc, ”aye will be the answer, come the referendum).

So the question I am asking, please contribute as usual, How will the English cope with the loss of the North Sea Oil Revenue, Flexible and attractive Scottish Regulatory Structure and Systems, the popularism of Scottish newly founded reputation as the new economic power in Europe (and that is another, the Scots alignment closely with the Continent Politics and Economics), the Higher Education Attraction, the health services, the loss of the key strategic naval and other training bases, and so forth; does seem to be moving towards the Liberalism successes of Hume-Smith.

What will England have to compete with, that valuable Competitive Advantage? What is ours? (and we all know the Welsh wont be far behind, once the wheels are in motion for radical changes).

Blimey, We are Doomed (I reckon it will be a high time for new Imperial adventures, haha)!!!!!


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