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Breaking News On Libya: The Two Clashing Approaches (1. The West Seeks an Exit Strategy & 2. The Mercenaries Seek an Extension of Conflict for Profit)

Ladies and Gentleman,

Yesterday, without a doubt for me, out of loop at the present, on the insides of Libya Affairs, I caught a glimpse, as any good analyst might have as well, of the two clashes of interests that has nothing to do with the Humanitarian or Security/Order Interests of Libya, but rather, of the need to save money and face, by the two ”neo-imperialist” powers of Anglo-French (one can not say the west, as throughout, the Libyan Affairs have been under these two aggressive and commercially-lobbied states to intervene for the private interests of powerful oil, commodities and banking interests, not as I have always said, out of National Interests, or even Humanitarianism). And Secondly, of that major players in the conflict, the actual drivers and source of the deteriorating conditions in Libya, the Private Security Firms, or the Modern Mercenaries, whose primary needs, we all know is the monies (the rest song come to mind, ‘I need a Dollar, a Dollar, is what I need!”).

1. The Libyanisation of the Conflict; Neo-Imperial Powers to Leave Libya to its own faith

Thus, The First, personal analysis, is that, Gaddaffi, as I have always stated will be left in power, as the Neo-Imperialist forces of the states of Britain and France, are forced out slowly from the muddle they got themselves into, irresponsibly, as I stated, on various posts here. Gaddaffi, has been playing for time, applying with utmost discipline and rationalism, the Maoist Guerrilla Doctrine of time, protraction, extension, and moral positioning (the political and propaganda; here, he is to be congratulated, as he targeted not the western audience as the Vietnamese, but rather the key stakeholders of the Libyan Conflict whose vote of confidence or non-confidence would really tipped-off the scales against or for him, the Africans & the Libyans, through the African Union, of divide and unity; hence, my thesis, that Machiavelli would have sought the wisdom and teachings of the master statesman himself, that is, Gaddaffi.).

Yesterday, image, see below post, was for me the insight into the changing game; look and observe closely at his body language, the facial expressions, the seating posture, the dominance of the room, and the respect of the others in the room, and so forth, this is the behavioural profile of a leader in power, in command, control and about to seal one of his second most memorable victory against, this time, the imperialists. Before his posture, his mood, his behaviour was more uptight, and aggressive, the signs of a man caught in a nest, this was the time, that I, myself, also thought and advocated this such path as a prudent and the only means of changing and forcing him to abdicate, when the Europeans presented a strong front for political and other sanctions, with a ‘way out’, the Clausewitzian and Sun Tzu counsel, that if one corners a tiger, with no hope of surviving, the tiger will fight to his end, hence, one needs to leave out an escaping path (Dunkirk, Gallipoli, Bulge, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq etc).

In short, Ladies and Gents, this is the first new policy on Libya, The Exit Strategy for the Neo-Imperial Powers of Britain and France (America will be much advised to ”broker” a peaceful deal, and will as such be rewarded with new change of perception, from the aggressiveness/cowboyish, to ”sagacious leader of the world”). This will leave the so-called thirty per cent as I have always argued, as is what really made up of the so-called ”rebels” to be hunted by the hounds of Tripoliville, without mercy (but as I have noted in my Intelligence estimate paper see below; Somalification of Libya, it will create regional order and security, with western powers interests still open for discussion).

2. The Mercenaries War: How The Private Security Firms are seeking to Extend the Libyan Conflict.

The Second path seems to be coming out of it, uncontrolled from the ”key players”, the neo-imperial powers involved in Libya, that of seeing the mercenaries attempting to extend the conflict so to ‘milk-out’ more profit from it for themselves. We have seen it in Afghanistan, Iraq, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Colombia etc., this worrying trend, that has had official institutions of the West, from the Congress, the Parliaments, the Academia, and the so-called self-regulating bodies for the industries, concerned by the lack of regulations and ‘ballooning” of the ”accounts” from the initial agreed figures. This Fraud practises by the industries is a cause of much more concern as it tends to ”fuel more fire” into local conflicts, as if these do not end, the demands for their personal specialised services will see the need for more supplies, the simple ugly-economics of wars as theorised and practised by these modern condottieris, the same warning that saw Machiavelli and Chinese, and Americans old sages worried by their ”love and live for the money” than for their ”professional services”.

In short, Libya is getting out of hand because of these mercenaries, who seek to creat demand and supply it, sort of Mafia-ification of Violence. (There is a latin phrase I forgot that state ”how money is the means and ends of wars”).

Well, we now seat back and observe…Mini-Minie-Mo/Who is going to be?


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