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Counsel For Mira

Mira Counsel II: On The Dangers of Philosophies, The Madness of Religion & The Treasures of The Arts

My Dear Mira,

After yesterday’s post warning you against the corruption and abuses of knowledge, I thought to day, I should warn and inform you of the evils of such knowledge, in practise.

First, Philosophers and their works, are never to be taken serious, and should be read for Amusement and Entertainment Only. There is nothing in those books and their claimants of knowledge professors that you do not know, or wont be able to know through living (participation) and understanding (observation) of the world; hence, my own beloved father always told me, ”I can never ever embed in you any knowledge, but the World, is to be your greatest Teacher’‘.

Secondly, Religion, is the most single evil thing to have been created by the Humans. Whatever you do, be your on God, your own religion, and accept no dogmatic teachings or views, BUT, my dear girl, always show utmost respect of others view point and inclination towards their faith, Always.

Thirdly, The Arts. There are various forms of the arts, you will learn in time. For our present benefit and consideration, I would like to impart to you this advice, keep your classics as close to your heart as you can. The Old Poets of the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and so forth, have more to teach you about Human Nature, World Affairs, Societies Behavioural Patterns, Economics and so forth. Read in plenty, your literatures, poems, histories, of letters, plays, and so forth. Watch your TV as much as you can, not the propaganda stuff, ”the authorities” as I refer to these, e.g. the News, Realities, Documentaries etc, but Movies, Satires, Opera, Theatres, nature shows, sitcoms, comedies etc., these will teach you as much about everything, as no books can.

Finally, For Now, My Dear Girl, Traditions are the death of the Independence of the Mind.

Good Luck, Baby.


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