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Chinese Confuscianism: The New Alternative Systemic Model (More Attractive to the Developing Nations)

China: The New Alternative Systemic Model (More Attractive to the Developing Nations)

This article belongs to the recent series of public lectures, if one might refer to these as such, that saw previous articles of same topical discussions, and the more recent, also the most popular here, is that of, ‘The Single Greatest Collective Strategic Defeat In The History: How The West, Lost The Rest”.

Today, within this article we will sum up in a sense the entire discussions, by stating that, the New Chinese Model is proving to be the most popular alternative systemic model since Communism-Socialism, for the Developing Countries, as to that of the Western-Imposed System, by Force or Blackmail, as such.

The Chinese Model differ to the Western Model, in one strength, it represents itself as ”underdog with hope”, that, it can really transform any poorer communities and societies from their present devastating nature to a more prosperous nations, without forcing them to ”apply the tenets of what worked within the Chinese Borders and System”, but it seems to say, I am flexible, Adaptable, Agile, Cheap and I am Yours (not Ours, the claimants of the western model of neo/liberalism & democracy; we fail in our own area of speciality, customer-centricism; to attract customers to buy, one has to make them feel as if the products is of their benefit— belongs to them!).

Anyway, this is the growing strength of the Chinese Model, and the weakening Western Model, with Reaction, as we seem to be living more the present as if it was yesterday when there was no real challenger and alternative to our systemic models of life, economies, politics and societies. We still boost our systems with force and threats, blackmails and fear, rather than the old sagacious approach based on sound diplomacy, interactions within adaptable systems (that in Rome act like a Roman), and cool-heads towards statecraft; hence my cries, where are our present-day Lincolns, Churchills, Eisenhower, Truman, Wilson, MacMillan, etc., Today we have hot-headed young spoilt and inexperienced leaders, who care more about their ”leadership statute” within their political parties, or home front, and the corrupting media, and thus, straddle around carelessly muddling with precious foreign relations and others, as if still leaving in the age of imperial rules.

Ladies and Gentleman, there is a new alternative, let us never forget this, today, and It is more and more gaining ground of favouritism and popularism with others, whom, we can not afford to lose from our order of battles and balancing scales. The more we act like spoiled, ignorant fools, the more we send these precious ”king-makers” running, not even threading, towards the other side, and the scales are losing the balance. Let us, rethink, long, hard, critically and strategically, what and how to react with sound policies and behaviour, in order to win these critical members of our ”wining team”.

Corporate China is creating more benefit for Global Workforce, and Corporate West, looks like going into insolvency.

Recommendations, Do Not ……… Nah, I will stop here!


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