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The Single Greatest Collective Strategic Defeat Ever In History (How The West, Lost the Rest?)

The recent events mainly around the so-called ”The Arab-Spring”, has without a doubt saw the single greatest collective strategic defeat in the history of Mankind, no one could ever planned or be able to bring this into the existence (so no need to claim responsibility).

First, The Freezing of Assets, will without doubt in future create a new paradigm of financial transactions, in particular, between the ‘unstable states and organisations’ and the western banks, governments and other institutions (How Much has Been Frozen so Far? Think About It?).

Secondly, The inability to appreciate the seriousness of the change, whatever way, in the Middle East, be it the ”democratic rebels or protesters” or the ”ancien regimes”, in the end, both attains similar ‘perceptions and appreciations” of the western states; not to be trusted, and what is it ”infidels”. So, be it in Egypt, Tunisia, Saudi or Libya and so forth, whatever coming changes or status quo, the west has finally lost the region, a key strategic region, if Mackinder theories of Geopolitics claim the heartlands/hinterlands to lie around the European continent (which is wrong, but, supporters will say it is not, since the new Arctic Wars is proving to be, ‘might be so’, correct) . Anyway my geopoliticals analysis is this region, the crescent of the middle-east and Africa is actually the heartland of global stability, instabilities and changes; and at the rate we are going today, the latter two, instabilities and changes, seem more in the cards. The instabilities, not a contention, we all know such, no need for explanations, as for changes, I mean the shift towards new patrons, new relations, new alliances of friends with the rising powers of the east; is as if we are putting all our assets into the pockets of China and the rest, without any forced pushes, or incentives. We are literally (sorry) fucking ourselves up! (the result of the stupidity of the western mind, like or not).



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