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The Global Economic Crisis & The SuperRich (getting filthy rich)

This is a very short article, discussing how the super rich are actually reaping more rewards and gains from the global economic crisis and political turmoil of the Middle East, and the other parts of the world.

As visible through commodities fluctuations prices, stock markets instability and the rising numbers of billionaires, who were once millionaires.

The short point is, in the conditions of such uncertainties and instabilities in the markets and society at large, those who can afford to participate in the great game of playing the markets, actually the truth is, ”shaping the market”, through speculation, that feeding into the existing instability and chaos, and rising more prices of foods and other commodities of necessity for the humans sustainability, on the cost of the poorer members and societies of the global communities, to working classes, the unemployed and so forth; the fatties/fat cats, are milking the rest of us dry, and leaving us to despair for the generations.

Viva Greedivicus, Viva Greenicious, Viva Immoraliaus!!!!


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