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Daily Media Review: Weds, 08.06.11

Today’s headlines are dry as the drought we are facing here in UK.

There is one major piece, supporting my previous article on the ‘Advanced Civil Espionage Vol. I & II’, on how the Facebook is ”Looking at you”. Then there is the usual on Weinergate, US republican candidate ‘caught covering his shorts’ (the joke would have killed on the stock market floor; as covering is a concept of market practise as well as ‘short’, or ‘long’). Others, are the usual, Speaker of Parliament, Bercow war on the Daily Mail as a ”Bigoted Comic”, anyone could have said so, to a British Diplomat calling for an end of Afghan War Involvement, as the US are at the same time rethinking new exit strategy, fast one, actually; does seem that, ‘We tend to know how to bomb countries to destruction, but not how to make Peace’, —there is the contradiction and lack of our western states ability to command the rest of the world, as we have lost that strategic approach to diplomacy and foreign affairs–all we see is the dollars (and end up costing us more that we have thought).

Other, continue discussion on Libya, I love the fierce and defiant Gaddaffi, surely makes Arabs proud to call themselves Arabs for the first time since, the Battle of Algiers, The Real Revolutionary Palestinians of the old age of Arafat, Nasser and so forth. If he keeps this up, they is going to be a new psychological ‘re-vibration’ across the region of the ‘good old defiant Arabs’, fighting to the last (not the selling-out old generations of Saudis, the monarchs etc). I am Cheering For Gaddaffi, If you do not like (sorry &) Bite Me!!!!

Well I think that is that.


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