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Daily Media Review. Tues, 07.06.11 (& On BBC ”Thought of the Day” Aim & Origins)

Today, few interesting pieces of propaganda from the usual multiplicities. Anyway the interesting, is on how the Preventive Strategy on Counter-Extremism is taking on the new phase of ”Stasi-fication” of Citizens Services; from GP, your doctors spying on you (your doctors files are actually the most single significant point of intelligence of who you are, where you from, where have you been recently, how often, change in addresses patterns, relations, physical weaknesses and strength, their shifting changes, why etc), to your teachers, imams and priests, banking managers (we already knew they have no ethics this ones), social workers and so forth. In short, we are in the age of complete stasi-fication of society, Muslims, Christians, Jews and so forth, protesters and the likes, YOU ARE ALL UNDER CLOSE EYES OF THE POWERS OF BEING (UUUUUHHUU!!! trying to do the evil soundings).

Other, one how UK is spending per week over £6 Millions of tax-payers (who are already broke), on the Libyan Aggressive War (mind you, this is excluding the covert operations, and intelligence and propaganda funds from other channels, the black money of the states).

Anyway, now we will focus on the BBC.

First, interesting main interview of the day from the Today’s programme on the BBC R4, 0810hrs between the Prince of Bahrain and Evans Davies, or something. The entire interview is so satirical that, one is left laughing ones ass-off, seriously; from the questions such as this, ”Bahrain is Now Quite and Stable?” (mmm?), to answers such as this to this question;

ED: ”24 workers lost their jobs at the International Circuit (Bahrain’s F1 Main Circuit), and they were all Shias?”
The Prince: ”Oh yes, because they failed to come into work…”
ED: ”Because they were detained by the authorities during protest?”
The Prince: ”MMM, it …it…it is beacuse of..” some law etc

Listen and be amazed of the crap from both side.

Sefton Delmer, was a German who worked for the Allies during WWII as one of their greatest assets in the counter-propaganda front against the axis, he actually introduced many innovative strategies within the field that is today well known as the News Management or Spin. To stop here in short, he once introduced something that has lived through to this day within many of the western ‘independent’ media, the practise and concept of ”The Thought of the Day”, discussed by ”a religious or authority on the field actors”, with the aim of giving ”credibility and sincerity” on the issues of the day (today on the programme was many few things from the ‘moral rights’ of intervention to so forth, just listen, and remember, it was channelled through a Bishop or something).

In short, the origins of the Thought of the day, was an invention of the mentioned actor above who practised and mastered the art of black propaganda, that claiming something to be a fact, which is not, but giving it credibility through ‘a made up’ expert or authoritative figure, e.g. religious, as himself, Mr. Delmer used in order to gain the support of the Vaticans and Catholics in representing the Nazis as the evil-satans, etc, and he used, for the first time, a ”made-up bishop”, actually was a researcher in the department of the ministry of Information, one of the British War time propaganda institution. This practise and the concept has persisted to this day within the BBC.

Thanks, I hope you are a little bit informed.


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