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France New Militarism & The New Regional (Global) Threat

I wrote in my works, The Selected Contemporary Political Essays, on the final essay, On The Global Forecasting, that, as one of my predictions among the few, was, looking on the geopolitical dynamics of Europe, was that, the region, will again, be the next major global battleground on per with the past two world wars. There, within the essay, I did outline few reasons, and One Major Reason, as It has always been for the Europe and Global Order and Security is the hyper-action and over-reaction of the Republic of France.

The French have always been responsible for the disasters that has befell upon the continent throughout the history of the land, from the Gauls against the Romans, the Franks and their Crusading Imperial disasters, from the madness of Louise to that of Napoleons (the I, I admired most at one time), to the insecurities and internal chaos of the new republics against the Germans, the inside enemies and each other, to against Russians and the Brits., and so to that of the Great Wars of the Twentieth Century, and Suez, Middle East, Colonial Africa, Pelonnesian Islands and so forth, even at the heart of the struggle of the communism and capitalism, they had one leg on each side, and now today, we are having a new drive towards new militarism in the continent which might have uncontrollable negative effects of arms races, new imperial races, competitions, trade wars, and so forth.

My little view, sorry, it is a product, saw wont open much, is that, France needs to be ”contained”, literally, for the common good of the region and world peace.

”A French On Loose, is a World On Noose”. Me.


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