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Anti-Feminists Icons: Hilary Clinton & Sarah Palin

Let me dive into the area not completely unknown to me but of lesser known (you get it, the known unknown, ‘patting myself at the present”, haha).

Anyway, another articles of many comes out, yesterday via the Washington Post on the stupidity and idiocracy of Miss. Palin ( http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/fact-checker/post/sarah-palin-collects-a-bushel-of-pinocchios-on-her-bus-tour/2011/06/02/AGkNAbHH_blog.html), this followed the president of FOX network direct quotation, she is ‘a complete idiot”. So when one reads the article and her replies to the questions imposed, one is just left shaking ones head of disappointment, on how the women with potential for a feminist cause stooped to low, to reduce the cause to ‘stereotypes’. YES, I AM A FEMINIST SUPPORTER (I support the women right to not just equality, but power to replace the paternalistic hegemony, to use Gramsci concept, that is dominate in the world).

Another of the anti-feminist qualities is Hilary Clinton. The accepting the ”secondary role” in the political world of politics, appearing to be nothing but the pipe-hole of the masters (seemingly, playing same role as the first ladies are reduced to, ”a good woman behind a good man”, debateable, the good man issue, but you get the point).

Anyway, the point to make is, both women are anti-thetical to feminism and their long struggles in the world dominated by men, and if, each learn to observe, appreciate and copy the others strong suits; Hilary of Palin’s Sex-Power of natural women strength, and charm, and down to earth; while Palin’s of Hilary toe-to-toe efforts to stand by the men around her etc.

Anyway I will live here. I am seeking to cut my articles, reduce to those who request it only, and other for sell to the corporate uses, such as security topics, as one coming soon, but just a teaser, not a complete article.



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